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Z-12. Huge Thanks to Biotest Developers

As i get older my supplement arsenal changes from “get huge” to “stay healthy” due to this i use primarily those things that enhance my well-being such as a base of protein, lots of Flameout, a littel creatine, and now Z-12. I have a very stress filled life as most of us do and i can honestly say until last night i had not slept through until morning for YEARS!

I took two caps drifted off in about 30 minutes and woke up about 7 hours later, i was shocked, i am used to waking every two hours thinking about something. So again THANK YOU to anyone involved in developing this, and if you have sleep issues, TRY IT!

You know something is good if morepain comes out of semi-retirement to speak on the subject.

Speaking as a chronic undersleeper and someone who works from 8pm-8am Z-12 is unequalled for aiding in the pursuit of quality sleep. You grow in your sleep.

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