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Z-12 for Anxiety?


Hey all,

I have anxiety 'issues'....not extreme anxiety really, but enough that I have an Ativan script. It's PRN and I really only take it when I just CAN'T mellow out or sleep.

Could Z-12 replace Ativan? Is it that effective? Is there any hangover?


Phenibut (in Z-12) will be pretty effective if used occasionally. If you use it every night, it will be useless. Once a week should be a decent alternative to Ativan. Even better, you can alternate them.


I've been using Z-12 3 to 4 nights a week since it was released and have yet to experience any negative effects. Everything has been positive.

To the OP, I'm not familiar with Ativan, but I do occasionally pop 1 Z-12 during high stress periods during the day and like the effect.


I can't speak on Z-12 as I've yet to take it. But I will say that I've been dealing with anxiety issues for over 2 years now and ZMA has really helped me in terms of sleeping. I used to take a Xanax nightly before bed, it's a very rare case if I do so anymore.

Hope that helps.


I just picked up some Z-12 and ZMA with my second order of MD that I need for my Velocity Diet.

Should be here Friday/Monday.


It helps me. I'm not diagnosed with anything, but I stress all the time. Last night I came home with a pretty bad tension type headache, I took one Z-12 and it went away. I just mellowed out.


Like others, I've taken Z-12 and had no hangover. I started off with one capsule and felt well rested in the morning. Two days later I popped 3 caps to see what would happen. In the night I had to wake up to piss and didn't feel any kind of hangover but I thought it was close to morning, like I had gotten' a full nights sleep...turned out I had only been asleep for an hour and a half!


How critical have you guys found it is to take Z-12 on an empty stomach...cause I pretty much never have one.


FWIW, I just took my first dose of 2 Z-12 caps last night about 30 minutes after drinking a nighttime shake (just some whey and fiber). I did feel a little more relaxed, but didn't fall to sleep any faster than normal and felt no different upon waking. Tonight I'm going to increase the time between feeding and dosage to see if there's a difference.


I haven't taken Z-12 but I'm pretty sure it's nowhere nearly a strong as ativan. Ativan is a very powerful tranquilizer that is very similar to valium.

If you actually have anxiety that bad something tells me Z-12 will let you down. Try some kava kava and some meditation. Kava is an excellent anti anxiety agent, get a strong extract. And of course if you use any stimulants, eliminate them completely. Some people who think they have anxiety problems are just a lot more sensitive to caffiene than they realize.