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Yury Belkin Takes 110kg Raw Total World Record

…on September 26th.

He is competing RAW!!! FINALLY!!!

Current Record held by Jamal at 990, Oak with 987.5 and Larry with 985.

His best total is 1070kg at 104kg BW going 420-235-415 (and cough 5 of 9).

His best raw comp squat is 315 but that was in 2014. If he goes something like 230 bench 420 deadlift then he only needs a 342.5 Squat.

Best wrapped squat is 420 which was his opener at his last meet.

I really don’t see how he doesn’t get this. I think he is probably eyeballing the Squat and Deadlift records too.


This is tempting, but I am not convinced a lifter of this level would try for these if it risked the total record. Maybe if he just happens to get them, but IMO shooting for the total should be his goal.

Wraps is raw though lol.

Don’t think a big squat will be a straightforward as you make out. Will be tough to squat like towards 350kg no doubt but maybe he’ll have more in the tank for bench/deads.

This is more what I meant. He should be able to pull 445. I have no idea how much he gets out of wraps though but if its less than 10% he has a shot at the Squat record.

Its Raw OR Raw with Wraps. Wraps arent raw.

In some federations knee sleeves are in the same category as wraps. I don’t hear anyone complaining about “raw with sleeves” though.

Why the hate for knee wraps? People were wearing knee wraps long before raw was a thing and the first squat suits and bench shirts were made.

I think if he does take the record, it’s not going to be by leaps and bounds. Wrapped squats and raw squats require significantly different technique, and if you are built to squat in wraps and well practiced in them (as I assume Yury is) you can get well over 100 lbs of carryover. Although I think over 800 lb for Yury is definitely doable, I would not be surprised at all to see him stay sub 800 lbs without wraps.

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LOL no on a personal level they have never done anything to me :smiley:

I just think that geared lifting is the equivalent of reverse banding all your lifts and calling that a total. Wraps go beyond support and are “gear”.

With that if people like to use them awesome, I just prefer to see what lifters lift without it.


Jamal and Oak gonna be there!!! I have to assume they are going to look to move the goal posts!!!

That 90kg class stacked AF too. Holy shit, 100kg class as well.

I am super excited to see Kheycie and Marianna compete. Kheycie been hitting some huge AF deads.

Also Robyn Machado is coming back from a brutal forearm break at her last meet just a couple months ago.

Then of course Dan Bell who has biggest total in both raw and wraps.

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Yeah but then what about knee sleeves? Since SBD came on the market people have been trying to get the most carryover from their sleeves and buying several sizes too small. It won’t help as much as wraps, but it’s the same idea. The difference is that you can’t tell by looking who is wearing super tight sleeves and who isn’t, but it’s enough of an issue that in IPF meets they can make you pull them down and back up just to show you can do it without assistance.

Completely agree. Even with my normal fitting SBDs I think you get a smidge. I am totally ok with IPF (or any other Feds) making you pull them down and back up or what ever other test they want to do.

Yeah at one time I figured I was getting about 10-15lbs out of mine. I don’t think any of the sleeves made before those like Rehband had any sort of carryover and they were just as good at keeping the knees warm, only thing is they wore out faster. I had a grey pair.

There was a guy who posted on here a while back that made a video of his experiment with super tight sleeves (SBD I think it was), he used a fish scale to measure how much resistance they gave. If I remember correctly it was 20lbs per leg, which is comparable to knee wraps. The main difference is that while both will make your legs numb, it’s much less convenient to put on and take off sleeves between attempts than with wraps (which isn’t exactly convenient to start with).

I would love to see that experiment, very cool. I have to imagine you get a lot more than that out of wraps though…just realized I could sort of check this.

Marianna gets 30kg out of hers which is over 10%. Her best Wrapped is 260kg vs 230kg Raw. OK Wow she has competed in both wraps and raw 5 each going back to 2017 BOB4 (and it keeps going like that).

Kevin Oak has Squatted 390kg both ways. His Wraps was at 99kg vs 109kg Raw and Wraps was in 2016 and he switched over to raw over the next couple years. His most recent Raw Squat after that was 367.5 so 22.5kg boost and same body weight.

Daniel Bell bests are 482.5 and 455. Back to back comps same weight class but he was ~9kg heavier in Wraps.

OK Last one Dan Green is 355.5 to 385 he was 9kg heavier in wraps but hit 380 wrapped at same weight.

I checked a few others (CC Ingram, Stacy Burr, Stefi Cohen) but it seems their squat blew up as they switched to wraps so it skews the difference. Like they would have gained 30kg on their Raw Squats but switched to wraps so got 50.

This weekend we will see how much Yury gets out of them.

It seems regardless of weight class people are getting between 20-30kg for wraps. That kind of makes sense because more weight wont make the wraps more elastic.

It’s in a thread on this forum about knee sleeves if you want to look for it. Wraps will definitely give you more carryover and would be less trouble. Actually the story is that at IPF worlds when SBDs first came out apparently some of the Russian lifters (Belkin maybe?) had a group of coaches pulling on a new set of sleeves for each attempt using plastic bags (like for a bench shirt) and due to that they made a rule that you have to put the sleeves on yourself.

For some reason he doesn’t get a whole lot out of his wraps, maybe something to do with his squatting style. Andrew Herbert on the other hand is one guy who gets a ton out of wraps, 810 vs. 915 and a high 942 at record breakers.

I thought the meet was in September. What’s happening this weekend?

LOL duh you are right. Wishful thinking I guess.

Which you would imagine he gets a ton due to him High Bar Squatting.

20 lbs per leg but through the sticking point as well. Just a small bump can get you through the stick t near max nevermind a 10kg push.


If you’ve watched the JTS vid about hip vs quad relative weakness squatting styles maybe Oak is relatively weak glutes so they are still a limiting factor in sleeves or wraps

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I’m not really sure, some people say that you get more out of wraps with a quad-dominant squat and others say the opposite. I really don’t have an explanation.

I wouldn’t call it weak glutes, more like strong as fuck quads


I actually sold her my old safety squat bar (I had just upgraded to an EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar) recently so she could still squat due to that injury. She was very nice. I’m glad to see that she’s planning on competing soon!

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I am glad it’s not only me with the double posting issue. Ever since tnation added video commercials the site has been wonky and slow.