Yury Belkin God of Sumo?

Could watch him pull all day. Really great deadlift battle between him and Cailer Woolam at BOBIV too. If I was him I would’ve added the minimal amount on to the 3rd DL and pulled for the new record but I guess that’s not how he rolls. Anyways the question is what makes/has made him so effective at DL nevermind his other lifts which are literally world (record) class.

Besides genetics e.g. limb/lever lengths and proportions, CNS/motor unit activation, muscle insertions etc. What can we learn from the god of sumo to improve our training?

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Direct mobility work to achieve better positioning in the sumo especially the setup/start position. Not sure if this is much more effective than just slowly moving your stance out wider.


Be Russian?


But don’t be In A Rush! Dude gets down, and then just gets into better and better and better position. Then he lifts. Then he top position is perfect so the lift is really short. How you start determines how you finish.

Do some work in the Other stance. The video was in Foriegn, but I SEENT IT! He was lifting conventional stance for a minute. Presumably for some back/hamstring he didn’t get from Sumo.

Pull vertical and horizontal for assistance.

Keep your hips and back healthy. Do some abs.

But I am missing something important in the translation. I do all those things and I can’t Deadlift 900. WTF!?

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He went for highest raw wilks I believe. If he hit that pull he would have taken it all.

do you know why he pulls beltless

He wears a belt when he competes in single ply gear. I guess he finds that the belt either doesn’t help or throws off his technique, maybe it keeps his suit in place or something though. Konstantin Konstantinov also stopped wearing a belt at some point.

Pretty much. Conventional is an incredible accessory for sumo. I think there was a video of 350kgx3 or something.

I think Belkin’s back strength shouldn’t be underestimated. He’s built up the back of a flat back puller in the mid 800s and I think it shows in his lifting. Near 800lbs doesn’t round him over or pull him out of position conventional so when pulling sumo no weight will be able to pull him out of position.

Given how important positioning is, making a sub max turn into a max effort if lost, this has got be majorly advantageous nevermind being able to muscle that last bit of lockout just with his back alone.

Think this applies to Cailer Woolam as well with big lifts conventional and sumo. Dude beating Belkin in the deadlift at the meet was pretty insane


Found it. Here is Belkin not cheating


Do you realize how stupid that seems? I competed in single ply a long time ago and the suit never moved because of a loose belt. Ha Ha Ha Ha1 Funny stuff

Ok, so why does he use a belt when he pulls a suit but not when raw?

Ask him.

Since you don’t know why he doesn’t your answer should be I DON"T KNOW

I don’t speak Russian, maybe you could talk to him for me.

If you DONT KNOW say you don’t know.

Since you two bumped and we’re on the topic here’s the 450kg/992lb pull with gear, belt and straps.


Dunno if 501kg is even feasible considering he failed a 470kg pull right after but imagine how Eddie Hall would react to that. Maybe Hall pull 550kg or some bullshit and actually need to be admitted to the hospital for a bit.

470kg/1036lb Fail

I dunno how equipped lifting progresses vs raw over time but not so long ago Belkin was failing to beat Coan’s record pull in a full meet. Missed at BOB3 last year and barely broke the ground with 410kg at the CETC US Open. Got it soon after tho. Then 420kg at BOB4.

A bit of time and 10kg heavier can Yury make 501kg?

I know he is “god of sumo” and will probably eventually beat Coan’s 901 in a full meet with a stiff bar, but straps? Who cares about strapped deadlifts?

Flame away people.

@EddieHall pls respond

Belkin hooks though… is pretty similar to straps anyway except your thumbs/hook secure the bar and the pain/fun of having your thumb feel likes its been put under a hydraulic press that’s on fire and your on fire. Everything’s on fire because you’re in hell.

I heard Coan say once that Belkin’s only weakness is small hands.

Big enough to hook… big enough.

Have seen Belkin and other sumo pullers go mixed grip in meet maybe cause thumbs too beat up going into the meet or tore up during warm ups. inb4 Mark Bell Slingshot Hook Grip Thumb Tape.

Definite throws them off a bit tho. Personally after having gone hook for a while anything besides grip and rip conventionals feels awkward with mixed. My back and the bar get torqued and spun out all over the place and the supinated hand catches on the thighs and rubs the skin raw.

Russian Powerlifters seem to respect Coan quite a bit. Understandably being him being the GOAT and maybe the timing of it all: When he was at the top they were coming up. Maybe… I dunno powerlifting history

One of my problems with sumo was windmilling - always had trouble keeping the supinated hand close. At the time I didn’t know I had slight scoliosis (not as much as Gant unfortunately) and that might have been the cause of the rotation.

Funny that in conventional I have no windmilling, Probably something to do with hip geometry. I am considering switching to hook soon.