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Yuri Bezmenov Interview


I just found a great interview of ex KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov.



Watch the video around 1:50. Exactly what I have been saying for many years.

KGB Misinformation campaign.

This dude spells it out, what it is, how it works, ect.

He also talks about the USSR attempted to overthrow several countries, and how they overthrew their own puppet leaders and killed marxist followers in the ones they succeeded in overthowing, like Cuba, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, ect.


Hopefully, this is news to no one. Most of this started in the 1930s. FDRs administration was infiltrated to the gills by the Soviets. Then, they went after our universities (and how!) Now, the effect is snowballing.


How old is this video? Anyone know?


Thanks for this.

This is very scary and fucked up.

Makes me think about Rage Against The Machine, i wonder if that band ever thought about how damaging their songs were to the younger generation.

Over in India people who believe in Communism are so short sited. Edit:due to the power struggle that is a constant between powerful countries.

I totally agree and believe in patriotism and the Nation state.

I don't understand what he's referring to in regard to civil rights leaders in the USA though.


I think it reads that the vid is 3 months old, right there at the bottom.

You know, if this was true, shouldn't this guy be dead by now? By polonium?

I took an art history class last semester, and we spent a considerable amount of time on Marxism and Soviet propaganda. we read the Communist manifesto and parts of Das Kapital. It was the most interesting part of the semester. But I honestly don't think that Communism is being promoted here on campus.

I think the coincidences are easy to make here. But I agree that the film makers, actors, musicians, and the like are all promoting a more socialist/marxist agenda for the country.

Maybe the Soviets really are taking over. Isn't the U.N. promoting a more communist vision for the world?


Yea i did wonder why he hasn't been silenced like Litvinenko.
I do think Communism isn't a huge threat anymore(unlike terrorism), but the methods Yuri talks about could still be employed by Russia, China the USA and who knows what other countries.

Well in the end Russia fared much worse than the USA(after the collapse of the USSR).
I mean look at the poverty and horrendous distribution of wealth in Russia, not to mention the corruption.


Litvinenko spent a lot of time criticizing Putin himself, including calling him a pedophile. That's what got him killed.

Communism isn't a threat, per se, but the social engineering the Soviets did to us has yet to run its way through our system. The universities are now completely run by tenured professors who had their thinking molded by the Soviets, and those professors prefer to perpetuate their way of thinking rather than allow dissenting opinions. I think we'd need some radical change at the university level to undo the Soviet's damage.


I'm only a lowly undergrad.

But from my impression of one of the flagshig professors at my uni, i was put off from picking his brain about the module he was lecturing on(devolopment economics). This one guy whose a fellow at Oxford is difficult to approach, he doesn't like arguing about his research(i don't blame him-he's got 30 years of Academia behind him)

But two other professors from my department i have had a chance to talk to are quite cool and open to discussion(one Greek and the other is Australian-they are accomplished in energy/labour economics).

However the lecturer of my macroeconomics class although a very knowledgable guy is very anti Labour Party(a rough equivalent to the Democrat party). And very pro conservative, but I guess professors are allowed to have their own beliefs too.

TBH i take my earlier post about this being scary back, like Bernie Mac said: "i don't believe shit, till shit happens".