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Yup, We're Psychopaths

Since I will be putting together a gym In my basement Power rack, and olumpic platform. The rack should be here in the next couple days and i just have to go an pick up a bar. I’ll also have the opportunity to Run westside properly. Since my rack will have top and bottom band pegs.

I’m ansy to get this shit done so I never have to set foot into a commercial facility again.

ME Squats 6/4/2012
Free Squats 3RM
Worked UP To 325x3

Works Up to 425 for 10 Seconds

Leg Press
Wide SS With Close
4 Plates 12 SS 12 x3

Leg Ext

Decline Abs

DE Bench 6/5/2012

Flat Bench Straight Wieght

Low Incline DB Bench

BB Rows


DE Deads Conv.

DE Squats

Briefs On
Briefs OFF


Today went pretty well I had a good amount of cramping in my low back an I accutally managed to get it out with a lacrosse ball. I geus I win an invisible balloon. I also found out I got fat and my briefs are way too tigh to even bother trying to get on although I could get them on by myself I’m gonna stick to being able to hook my self up to a powerrack to get a suit on and noy rip my finger tips apart. All in all speed felt good and depth felt good not sure if it was considering I fuckin forgot to plug my camera in again. Finding a bar really seems to be a pain the the ass what kind of store sells something that they dont keep in stock make alot of fuckin sense

For a bar have you checked out bells of steel in Calgary. They seem to have some good stuff.

They dont sell them, I ordered my rack from them since they were by far the best price, I’m gonna order my bar from go mango and once I bent that one im going to opt for a wsbb Bar from rouge web site or pick it up at powerpalooza next year. Anyways

ME Bench

Wide Grip
Worked up 235x3 in 6 Sets(3RM)

Close Grip
Worked up to 195x5 in 6 Sets (5RM)

Competition Grip

Worked Up to 185x5 in 6 Sets (5RM)

Push Downs

Rear Flies


I liked this workout the volume was nice, it’s going to take my body a few week to adjust to the volume. I think after my meet I’m going to something similar with my squat and deadlift although you cant really have 3 stances of deads. Today I was asked at the gym what I take and the guy didnt believe that I ate food and dont take anything, then I went on a rant of how fucking stupid he was to base his diet around suppement and how they should be used as a last case resort not a go to thing.

Oh ok I thought they sold power bars aswell. Do you have the rack yet? How do you find it? I’m hoping to get one for my office gym, they look pretty sweet for the $. I haven’t seen much else that compares for such a low price.

Nope It’s been a week and a half all I know it’s somewhere between thier warehouse and the office

ME Squat Day

Conv Deads

Worked up to

Sumo Deads

275 5kg x5

Stiff Legged DL

This workout was done at home so I dont really have access to anything other than a bar other than bands. I went to massage and chiro today and managed to get 2" of ROM on my body weight squat. I was surprised that my conv dead is so high. I always thought that my grip strength was the problewm but I realised that it’s my low bad so over the next couple of months im going to incomperating more and more low back work. VID will be up shortly

You get your rack yet? how you like it?