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yup, another newbie!

Hey everyone! So, I just wanted to quickly introduce myself. . . I have posted a couple of times here but mostly have been one of those “lurkers”. I oficially met HHH the other day via a private message and was given a good welcome, so thanks again HHH. The names officially Eric in case anyone prefers that to “cheesehead”-- feel free to go ahead and crack away on my sign-on. . . being a MN resident and remaining a Packer fan has gotten me pretty used to that already anyway!

I have really enjoyed reading all the awesome info here as I am considering going back to school for nutrition or maybe exercise phys-- so thanks!!!

Ok, so on to an actual question: Anyone here have any ideas for me as to a direction to head if I am interested in something like nutrition counseling? Good schools/programs etc? I e mailed Berardi a few weeks ago and he was nice enough to take the time to suggest getting at least a masters in nutrition. Thoughts?

Thanks again and I look forward to getting to know everyone better!

unfortunatley i think education is the key in this venture. it sucks because most people that religiously read t-mag could probabaly offer you better advice than most registerd dietecians. however we dont have the letters after our names.

i think a good place to start is reading all the jb and lonnie lowery articles on this site!

good luck!

Welcome to the forum!

There are plenty of good schools for Exercise Phys and Nutrition…it just depends on where you want to live. It you are going to get a degree in either, it is probably a good idea to go for your Masters, although if you get an Ex. Phys degree (I have one) it is a really good idea to get ACSM certified and see where that can take you. Sometimes employers will look at someone with a BS in Ex Phys and an ACSM certification and take them over someone with a Masters degree and no certification. One of the reasons being they can probably pay you less. Anyway, it is a good career choice, especially if you are passionate about it. There are so many things that you can do with it. Good luck and if you decide to go the Nutrition or Ex Phys route, get ready for chemistry :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m also a delurker newbie. :slight_smile: Welcome! I’ve been reading this site for quite some time now and the advice has worked for me.


Go for the education and spread the T-nation.


Hey Cheese, you should check with the State of MN and see what is required for nutrition counseling in your state. Most states do require you have an RD which will require you to get a BS in Nutrition or Dietetics followed by internsihips to be able to sit for the RD exam.