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Youtube Workouts

Somebody just recently posted a workout that they saw on youtube with complex movements. Does anybody remember what it was? Also, any great things they saw on youtube that they would like to share? Thanks!

Yeah i think it was called thug training

This what you looking for? Its a dam good workout anyway.

Good stuff. Those guys are hyoooooooge. I wonder if they have any legs…

I guess I don’t have any street cred or something but I don’t understand that whole sweating the camera every five seconds. Oh well.

I just noticed something: It looks like that footage was shot with a wide-angle lens.

Watch the curvature of the bars in the video…a wide angle lens makes people look “thicker”

I thought it was pretty funny that in one breath he was talking all “ghetto” and then when it came to describing the exercises he was “official” sounding.