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YouTube Shooter

Okay, who thought for a second that the shooter at YouTube was anything but a male?
I’ll be t he first to admit I didn’t even consider it might be a woman for one second, until I heard it was

  • I thought the shooter was a man, no doubt.
  • I thought the shooter was a woman.
  • WTF?

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Can you please clarify your post? I assume you mean before we read the news story. So your question is “What conclusion did you jump to?”

When I saw the headline and only four shot I assumed it was a disgruntled employee. In my mind it was a 99% chance of a white/Indian male under 30 (software engineers). That’s just my perception of who makes up the majority of tech workers and who is more likely to be a sociopathic murderer (men under 30).

There was a 1% chance in my mind of a jealous wife/gf. @loppar called it correctly in the Trump thread.

0% chance of terror in my mind because 4 wounded then suicide before you meet resistance doesn’t make sense.


Woman + suicide + a very low body count, sounded like a personal vendetta of an Iranian woman, as there are over 500k Persians in California.

Usually the husband and the other woman end up being killed followed by a suicide but it’s not uncommon for a woman to kill herself alone out of spite. Culturally, they place a lot of emphasis on a very archaic interpretation of the personal honor concept, both men and women.

Actually, a similar topic - a suicide to spite a husband who’s been having an affair - has been touched upon in one of the magisterial works of modern art cinema.


I left it deliberately vague. I want the conversation to evolve on its own.
There is nothing to clarify, until I heard the shooter was a woman, I assumed a man. That’s it. That was my bias.

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My first thoughts were WTF?, as I was vaguely informed of it by a friend that lives in San Francisco via facebook. Her post had no details, just “Shooting at Youtube!” which elicited a WTF? type response because she’s a looney tune in her own right.

I was actually kind of relieved to hear that it was a woman. I’m tired of hearing about guys going/being batshit crazy and doing this type of stuff.

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this doesn’t seem to fit the profile of a postal worker with low social confidence treated terribly and then snapping. As of yesterday my understanding was she felt shut out of compensation potential. A similar thing happened a number of years ago in the south eastern US in which a woman who had designed a breakthrough baby incubator and was a university prof who couldn’t teach worth a hoot was denied tenure and gunned down a few people at her work. Students did consider her lectures nonsensical, but I don’t know how being socially off had to do with it.

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When I listened to NPR the day of the shooting, they were postulating that some ‘crazy NRA’ person was pissed they took some nefarious gun content down and was there seeking revenge.
Welp, needless to say they where spectacularly wrong… And showed their bias like a weenie-wagger in Central Park…

Who is they?

That’s your first mistake right there.


Its uncanny that I’ve heard nary a peep about this on the news and not even a single thing on facebook about it.

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i first heard it trending on Facebook, but not just recently.

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I think the biggest reason is that no one except for the shooter died so far/this doesn’t “technically” fall into the category of a mass shooting.

The cynic in me also thinks that no one cared because the shooter doesn’t fit any the necessary criteria that allows people to link this to a gun control agenda. I think this would have entered into the conversation, regardless of the death count, if the shooter happened to be a young white male armed with an AR-15.

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NPR… I said that first.

I like NPR. BUT I spread my news sources out. I don’t have a single source.
They have good local info and indepth human interest srories. I heard Carrie Fisher’s last interview live on NPR.
They are a decent source even if some of their reporters are asshats, sometimes.

Npr is not a person, it can’t say anything.

Their male anchors really bother me. It’s like they sent them all to class to learn how to speak with a perfect blend of castrati, pretension and condescension.

I have never met anyone in person who speaks in an annoying fashion like that.

You described me, minus the missing balls.

I don’t remember the name of the reporter. It was a female.

So it was an individual at npr, not npr.

I couldn’t do the poll. I was late to hear about the story, and so her name and picture were already known.

The part that got me… She described herself as a vegan bodybuilder.