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Youtube Personal Trainer Nonsense


while this fellow seems enthused about what he does, looking through many of his videos, hes peddling half truths and dubious information. (in one episode he asks a suppliment store worker about creatine advice and the response is kinda cringeworthy)

Im starting to notice an increase in Guru's and PT's on Youtube spouting in some cases utter rubbish.

Will T-Nation be doing anything for the youtube generation to address the blanace


why doesn't he just say hi, i'm not John Berardi, but i sure as hell will take credit from him without giving credit.


Wow BOSU balls! An effective way for fat middle aged, Kankle having women to think they're getting in shape!

That guy's an idiot. He's got a certification in bullshit, that's for sure.


Charles Staley has his own set of videos over at Youtube-


Yeah, I was thinking the exact same thing about the Berardi information. Heck, the guy even used the same title!

And yeah, just watching that woman do squats on the ball side of that bosu made me cringe. I actually teach a "bosu" class at my gym (I "inherited" the class, and very rarely actually use the bosu; what the heck, it's money right? and I can actually teach people worthwhile exercises in the process) but I never have people do squats on the ball side of the bosu. "It's good for people recovering from a knee injury," yeah, that made me laugh and cry a little. :slight_smile: More like "will cause you to get a knee injury".

What I will give this guy is he has a lot of energy (something which helps draw people to you), seems very enthusiastic about his work, knows how to get people's attention (using the free running group to get people's attention was pretty smart), and is getting his face and name out there.

Honestly, often times the trainers who end up making the most money and being the most successful aren't necessarily the best ones. More often it's the ones who are in people's faces and getting themselves out there.

Good training,