Youtube is Slow

Has anyone else had problems with youtube the past few weeks? It just suddenly became slow. I’m wondering if its them or just my comp. Also, when the videos do play, the sound is quieter even with the volum up all the way.

Any ideas?

Call Youtube and ask for a refund.

Youtube has been “slow” for quite a while.

OH, you meant the service and NOT the people.

I have noticed the same thing with porn.

Sexually frustrating.

I was talking about this with a friend the other day. My theory is Android is to blame. It seems to get slower as more cell phones have had access to youtube, maybe not but it just seems to bog down more and more every time I watch a video.

That Louis CK thing was great.

I was on the plane last month and was very pleasantly surprised that you can now start movies and TV shows on your little TV whenever you want.
I saw a guy an aisle over watching “Clash of the Titans” and I said to the guy next to me that I wanted to watch that but I guess I’ll have to wait an hour or so till it starts again. He showed me that I could start it right then. That’s cool.

[quote]PimpBot5000 wrote:

This was brilliant.

I am also sick of seeing people who can’t drive on cell phones. Everyone is on a fucking cell phone lately. I can see making important phone calls, but why is everyone acting like they are already home? If you are leaning to one side, swerving into the other lane and missing green lights all because of your wonderful fucking conversation, just know the rest of the world fucking hates you.

NONE of you are that good at driving.

…and to you fuckers who are actually TEXTING people while going 65mph, please kill yourself quickly.

On an unrelated note, can you add a sombrero and mustache on your avatar and call it Professor Mex?