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Youtube for Kettlebells/Other Functional Movement Training?


I always see the Kettle Bells at my gym and I remember when they were the talk of the town! I have seen people in the gym that seem to use them as a big part of their fitness programs and they have a verse dense/structured/ and supported physique.

I’d love to start incorporating all of this.

I was wondering if there are youtube channels that are really good for showing proper form and the exercises to use with Kettle Bells, those different stand type things for functional jumping and all the other pieces of equipment I should be incorporating and using to create a heallthy, strong, and supported physique :smiley:


Kettlebells are great. Thing is, exactly what you should do with them kinda depends on your goals. What’s most important to you? Gaining muscle? Losing fat? I recommend checking out some videos from StrongFirst and reading anything & everything by Pavel Tsatsouline if you’re serious.

A couple other quickie thoughts:

  1. A swing is not a squat-front-raise. It’s a swing.

  2. In a related story, swings should be done fairly heavy. If you find yourself “swinging” a 20 pound kettlebell, I suggest you re-evaluate things.

  3. A kettlebell is not just a weird shaped dumbbell.


Not a KB expert by any means, but here’s my thoughts.

-If your gym offers a KB class with a decent coach, try it out. The movements can be deceptively tricky and lots of people do them poorly.

  • You can do lots with KBs, but the swing is sort of the fundamental movement. If you get good at the swing and the turkish get up you can reap many of the benefits of KB training.

-The ‘swing’ is not just swinging the bell up and down. I prefer to swing to eye level, not overhead.

  • KB’s are best treated as a skill-based workout, at least initially. Training with them frequently to get good will yield more benefits than just throwing them in haphazardly.


Best get a product/book/dvd by Pavel or Dan John
Good tips here…