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Youtube Creatine Review

Each serving contains 1000g of creatine.

It helps “open up” your blood

If you look good you’ll do good, you’ll feel good.

Best part: He’s been taking it for over a year and is still 100 lbs! Ha.

Watch out for his other reviews, whey protein powder etc.

1000g of creatine? Holy shit, I want some!

I couldn’t stand his protein review. I turned it off once he stopped “chugging” his shake.

This kid is somewhere around, what, 15 years old?

America needs T-Nation. Badly.

[quote]Padilla7921 wrote:

America needs T-Nation. Badly.[/quote]

They need T-Nation, but we don’t need America. A few are welcome, but, you know which ones we don’t need or want here.