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Youtube Channels


Just wanted to make a thread of some strong guys with youtube channels, feel more than free to post your own channels.

Allen Baria:

Mike Seigler:


Derek Poundstone:



Nick Winters:



adarqui: this guy is a MONSTER!

http://www.youtube.com/123thousand <-- some 600+ lb. raw no-no-no squats on there

http://www.youtube.com/user/calisthenicskingz <-- one of those "fitness from the streets" type people.. but this dude is JACKED and does crazy stuff all bodyweight.

http://www.youtube.com/user/caraheads <-- a FEMALE us oly lifter who makes alot of us look weak

http://www.youtube.com/teamflightbrothers <-- my favorite youtube channel.. strong in a "freak of nature explosiveness" way.



that "fitness from the streets" guy is crazy... clap BW military press WOW


Here's one of my favorite channels...

He throws discus in the olympics, and he posts most of his training.


Mark Felix:

Misha Koklyaev:


A lot of Derek Poundstone's stuff ends up at

More recent than his own channel.




This is for youtube CHANNELS, I dont want it clusterfucked with your videos.


You have your own channel right? I think id be cool for people to post their own.


Yeah - 't ain't nothin' to brag on, though.


great idea for a thread.
But at the same time...
HORRIBLE...this shit will keep on the computer for hours lol


I don't know if I qualify as strong enough, but here's my channel:


I approve.


you're damn sexy enough though big boy.


If you want sexy, this is the channel:


My brou!!!


This Kid is pretty sick
He is a thower.


some sick snatch grip high pulls

one arm deadlifts



that's more erotica than sexy.


Hey great thread idea BlackLabel... don't forget Matt Kroc