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YouTube Channels Worth Watching

Bodybuilding or otherwise

After reading the ‘things I’m sick of on the Internet’ thread it got me thinking about stuff on the Internet that’s actually worth a damn, in particular, YouTube channels.

Every now and then while browsing the endless tripe the world apparently has to offer I come across one worth watching. Here are a few:

Bodybuilding -

Zgs1988 - natural pro bb’er from Pittsburgh PA, 2 down to earth blokes who train hard

Twinmuscleworkout - the hodge twins, very funny at times

Musical comedy -

Brettdomino - very talented, very funny

Science/interesting stuff -

Vsauce - surely the most interesting channel on YouTube, if they’d have put this on at school I would have learned something
If you don’t check out any of the others and are a geek like me then at least take a look at this one

It’s a random mix but these are all IMO worth watching

Anyone got any good ones? Please share

Vsauce is awesome. Minutephysics and smartereveryday are nerd friendly too