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Youtube Channel Recommendations & KigerStrength

Brian Alsruhe (Strongman/Powerlifting)

Brett Gibbs

John Paul “JP” Cauchi

Calgary Barbell

very much into powerlifting people then? im more into the bodybuilders tbh, Russ is kinda like a hybrid tho, for smart training shit i like athlean-x. Chad Wesley is a cool dude too

I also like Chad Wesley Smith’s channel. I get a good laugh between him and Max Aita. I’d like to see Chad finally squat 1000lbs, I’d watch every second if he gave it a run but it seems that might not happen.

I also like Johnnie Candito’s channel, well produced and pretty funny guy. I like starting strongman for how little effort Kalle seems to put into it.

I like Infinite Elgintensity for the dry delivery and humour.

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Here you go mane. Now you can learn how RPE works lel

Calgary Barbell

PowerliftingToWin + Izzy “The Lengthy Overanalysis” Narvaez

Layne “The Injury” Norton

I cant stand NinjaTyler …so much BULLSHIT and ignorant guys just hang off his nut sack. Makes me want to puke.

Personally I like ELITEFTS and RTS.

Josh Bryant puts out a lot of good information, he also coaches some of the best lifters and several guys who bench over 600.

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This is why I love him though. I thought it was obvious he used fake plates? The Whole channel is a joke and he’s huge so it makes sense why he would fake it?

Including James Strickland / swimhack who has his own channel

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I dont think a large number of his subscribers actually realize that.

Shit. Haha he’s a Russian guy wearing a luchador mask whose always 18 years old and says “IN YO FAYACEEEE” and “FOR THA BEEEEECH.” Coulda fooled me.

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Through the Twisting Nether has some good stuff if you like weird exercises. Has the best natty back imo

My favorites are EliteFTS, Supertraining06 (Mark Bell), Chris Duffin

Cailer Woolam AKA Doctor Deadlift current ATWR holder in DL 881@198 and 927@220

Recently started up a YouTube channel. Only 4 vids so far but still early goings. With these tutorials and updates you too can pull 900+ ez *conditions apply


That guy is insane btw!

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Deja Vu? lel

Yes dudes a freak. Salty that he out DLs Belkin but anticipating the DL battles to come


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Personally, I don’t try to embarrass myself by bringing up times I made a cock of myself but I like that you don’t seem to mind.

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Embarrassment makes me stronger


His channel is underrated imo.


Ben Pollack ATWR Total at Reebok Record Breakers 2017 (albeit with sketchy judging)

Decent channel with informative content and in recent weeks has been active a lot.