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Youtube Antifeminists

Hi guys,
I just wanted to share this with you guys because I’ve had a lot of pleasure out of watching these video’s of really interesting material.
I know us T-men (and our lovely vixens) will be receptive to these idea’s.




Chaplin’s inferno (not my personal favorite but he is pretty popular)

Just wanted to drop this stuff off here!

I want to make a kitchen joke but i cant think of any.

Great lass.
And I love the fact that she’s uploading from the kitchen.

Hey I like that video … wow she made me think… I like that

[quote]dirtman wrote:
Hey I like that video … wow she made me think… I like that[/quote]

The video I posted is my favorite video of hers, be sure to check out manwomanmyth as well, that’s one of the better channels so far!

Wow, I like this girl.

I bet she has a nice rack

She must have an understanding boss. Letting her make a video at the workplace

WOW you know the manwomenmyth is pretty good too… nice find … If you watch this its not men being whiny assholes or panzies … there is a lot of truth here

Yeah, but try using the old “if we’re on a sinking ship you’ll get the seat on the lifeboat” argument when trying to convince your wife to do anal…

[quote]Erasmus wrote:


Now that woman, is a ‘catch’.

I must say the manwomanmyth is a bit antiwomen … just as bad a feminism

Just as dangerous

Great video - thank you for posting it. Sucks to be born guilty sometimes…

Her reasoning is nog top notch, but she’s nice to look at!
I’d hit it.

[quote]Goodfellow wrote:

[quote]Erasmus wrote:


Now that woman, is a ‘catch’.[/quote]

She’s a single mom, so go for it!