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Youth Powerlifting


So in the realm of strength sports I’ve only competed in Strongman at a national level but I’ve been considering dabbling in powerlifting. I coach some kids that would love to do a youth powerlifitng meet but I can’t seem to find a schedule or local events for youth. Any suggestions? I’m in Upstate NY if that helps


Check out powerlifting watch. I’m pretty sure RPS has some meets around there, and there was a USAPL meet that they were advertising to Ontario lifters as well. By the way, pretty much all meets are open to younger kids, you will have to check if there is an age limit though.


There are less teen powerlifting meets, than teen divisions in regular powerlifting meets.

If that helps. Take them to a regular powerlifting meet. They will get to see some of the adults that can do impressive stuff and have been at it for years, and get scored against people more Their skill and age range (teen or junior) at the same time.