you're does not equal your

When talking or writing to educated folk, it’s best to choose “regardless”, irregardless of its “acceptance.”

There is no reason to use it. In my experience, it is typically used by people who wish to sound smarter than they are.

Regarding this breakdown of grammar in electronic communication, so what? The best you can do is write as you please. Yes, this current crop of teenagers will ruin the language, but they’ll be swole in doing so.

Grammar Trivia Quiz:
What is the grammatical construction of “Fuck you”?



Bzzzt! Try again.

Yes, you have a verb and a noun, but there’s a specific grammatical term for the sentiment. It’s not an imperative, nor an indicative, nor a subjunctive. This and “Bless you” are the two chief examples in the language. (There are many synonyms for “Fuck you!”–like “Screw you.”–but they are knock-offs of the primary example.)

Big Dave - It’s actually not “you did real well” either. It’s “you did really well”.

Grammar Trivia Quiz:
What is the grammatical construction of “Fuck you”?

This would be present subjunctive in the optative form (expressing desire).

What do i win? :slight_smile:


Man, that was impressive! (And these other people think they’re grammar guardians!)
Actually, it’s more accurately the “optative wish capable of fulfillment.” Literally: “It is my desire that you may be fucked.”

Sorry, but all you win is my admiration–not much of a prize. I’ve never met anyone before who could answer this. (And I thought I’d killed this thread with minutiae. Well…maybe I have.)

Nothing beats the Italian form of fuck you - “va funcullo” (sp?). It literally translates into “go have intercourse with your anus.” hahahaha

I saw some douchebag last week with the license plate “fungool,” the Americanized version.


On Writing Well is the bomb. I’ve taught from it at the college level and in teaching professional writing seminars on the job.

You should all purchase a book that has the title “Eats, shoots and leaves” it is a rather splendid book on the English language and how people bastardise it with unnecesary little lines!

You don’t need to use a full stop after an exclamation either. I hate english it sucks!

One thing that always pisses me off is when English people use till instead of 'til and check instead of cheque. Don’t mind amercians using it as that would be the correct form but dipshits that know no better?

“Tha Bomb”

If its a bomb, then get tha fuck away!