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You're Busted Buddy!


May or may not be a repost, but WOW!

Don't think things will ever be the same for this guy.^

Damn, no wonder std rates are so high.


In some sick way I almost felt bad for the guy in the first video.


I'm Chrrrriiiiiisssss Haaaannnseeeennnnn.


i don't

I do feel bad for his wife and the kid he was preying on though.


Of course, the real victims are his wife and the girl.

However he fucked his life up. Yes it was his fault, but I don't like seeing people fuck their lives up.


I do feel sorry for the situation in general, but I have no sympathy for him whatsoever.


Whats the difference between these people and women that marry and divorce for money?

Honestly ..one is more open about there intentions


^Yeah...never cool seeing people mess up their lives


I have a problem with this guy showing this on TV.

  1. His wife or someones wife could be terminally ill and who could blame a guy for getting some relief. He still has needs. He just needs to be discrete. Yeah he could rub one out but sometimes just paying for a quicky is all you need.

  2. His profession could be wrecked by this broadcasting on TV. Nothing like seeing your reputation going down the tubes. All for ratings. I smell lawsuit.

If this guy doing this show was sooooooooo adamant about stamping out this stuff he would be helping besides using shock drama reporting to get this removed from where he is. This guy is just as bad for getting rich/famous for doing this show. Actually he is worst cause he is being a parasite off of societies hard up people.


That dude is gonna creep up on the wrong mofo one day. I would guess that most sleeze balls that pick up hookers in this fashion probably don't give a shit to whoop some snooping "gotcha" journalists ass.


Bull shit. The guy with the camera isn't doing anything but recording the guy IN A PUBLIC PARK WHERE CHILDREN PLAY. Any negative consequences are due to the old guys actions. Period.

I've never understood how some people blame others for getting them caught, when they are the ones doing the bad thing.

The only one praying on "hard up" people is the old guy getting the homeless girl to suck his dick for a 20.


I am not talking about this case I am talking about the show in general. Its wrong. Prostitution should be behind regulated and safe closed doors. By having prostitution being illegal it puts the women in a bad position health and safety wise. If it was legal he could go to a place do his thing and everyone is happy including the women in the trade.

This turd is using "HIGH MORAL VALUES" to cash in on people in this situation. This is socially parasitic and wrong. Its the same as filming families grieving cause someone died so they can make ratings week after week.


No one forced the girl to take the $20 or to suck his dick. And, did he get this lo lo where children could see, or were they way off in the background completely unaware of what went down? There are a lot of things wrong with this entire situation, chief of which being the douchebag journalist exploiting everybody for his benefit.



I'm sorry, this guy should mind his own business.


The video guy can't do anything to them legally. and he doesn't. try again. He can only prey on people to the extent of what they are doing is wrong. The dude put his own career and relationships on the line when he picked the girl up.


You can immorally prey on people without using force. Getting a girl to suck your dick as an alternative to going hungry is wrong. Period.

And like I said, he can only exploit people who do thinks in the public eye they don't want to know about. The only one fucking up these people's lives are the people themselves.


Dude, panhandling is legal in Oklahoma [I believe]. She could sit on the corner with a cup and a sign and make that $20 in an hour. She chose to suck that dude off, and get paid in the process. I do agree that the people making the choices - whatever they may be - need to be prepared to live with the consequences of those choices, but don't act like that old man was "preying on her". She was a willing participant. And, the other posters are right. That dude needs to mind his own business. Not sure how he hasn't gotten the piss beat out of him yet, or worse.


Never said it was illegal. What I said was, what the guy did was immoral. If there are personal consequences for people knowing what he does (while in public), those consequences are entirely his fault and no one elses. I also notice that you didn't call BS when this line of argument started and the other poster referred to the old guy as the "hard up" person. HE chose to pick up the girl, take her to the park, pay her to suck his dick. He chose the risk. No one did any of that to him.

Hell, doesn't the wife have a right to know? Why can't the guy call the dudes wife and tell her the truth? I mean hell, he could end up giving his wife an STD. Why can't he record a video in a public place and post it on the internet?

I do agree that he will eventually go the way of the "Cheaters" guy and get stabbed or worse.


The guy filming is not the douchebag in this situation. He's someone who is trying to stop crime from happening.

This has nothing to do with minding your own business. Crime on the public streets is everyone's business.

would you feel differently if this was a drug deal? You do know that drugs follow prostitution don't you? Lots of those men and women working the streets are doing it to feed a drug habit.

I hate those that espouse these "poor man with a terminally ill wife..." scenarios. How many actual times is that the case? Not fucking often.

You may not like the methods, but the guy is trying to get rid of a very insidious element that is invading his community and it is happening publicly. Prostitution is a gateway crime.

I am all for legalizing prostitution to help stop the spread of drugs and violence that happens when it is backstreet dealings. If it were legal it would be safer for everyone and we would get the taxes. But for right now it isn't and it just brings in more crime.

this is so not a "mind your own business" issue


Oh yeah, the guy cheating on his wife and doing all the immoral things is SOOO the victim.

If you get exposed doing something wrong, it is never anyone else's fault. It can be someone else's fault you were caught, but the consequences are 100% caused by what you were doing wrong.

This is like having a guy on public roads driving 150 MPH hit a telephone pole and then blaming his death on the city planner who put the pole there. Yeah it's true those consequences wouldn't have happened without the pole there, but they are still the result of the idiot driving 150 MPH.