You're all MORONS!

News flash guys, you know NOTHING about AS! I was watching a feature on CNN last night and while discussing the big AS scandal they showed a clip of an IV drug user shooting up! I’m NOT kidding. This had absolutely nothing to do with the feature, they just threw it in for “fun”. Clearly juice is meant to be administered IV (you’ve all been wrong the whole time:).
They were also kind enough to bring up Alzado again, but rather than saying that AS caused his problems, they said “many believe that steroids caused his health problems” (paraphrased). So basically they know it’s bullshit but keep mentioning it.
Maybe if we all got our AS info from CNN we’d be better off.

It was really quite disgusting.

funny shit david…

wish you had taped it


Sure we take in through an IV and if you read a post further down some of us do our D bol anally…Right Tren?

You have got to be kidding me right. Did they show or tell what kind of steroid was being administered? I dont think so. But since cnn is master of all knowledge i guess people have been administering injectable steroids the wrong way for like 100 years. Go ahead and administer some injectables directly into the blood stream and let us all know how that works for ya.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if some kid saw that CNN clip and decided that’s how he should inject and then killed himself?

Makes you wonder what else CNN is feeding you that is BS.

the most pathetic thing about it is that some people take the news(in any form) as fact. those are the true morons. hell, remember some reporter from the NY times got busted recently for just making stories up. unbelievable!

I did a search for steroids and CNN and found this little gem:

Jerry Lewis in rehab for steroids

this is true shit. society actually believes that it is intraveous. i once filled out an application for the sacramento pd and it asked if i have ever used intravenous steroids.

accordingly i responded with a no.

P-DOG, I believe that the form was worded that way so that it did not exclude some very capable people.


I actually saw that on the news last night. When they mentioned they were doing a piece on AAS I said to my G.F. “this should be good” and sure enough it was.

Man, who needs comedy when we have the media. You absolutely cannot write material that’s as funny as the shit those guys say/print.

interesting point avoids.

A guy in my gym must have seen it too, he talked about how he’d never go to “unnatural” methods as he made the motions of injecting into his forearm.

Man, I thought everyone thought that you just injected randomly into the ass (yeah, I know that’s wrong too).

Odd coincidence…

Back in 96 they showed the exact same crap…just with different people…in fact the show in 96 went into detail about how easy it was to just go down to Mexico and buy them…Then they even had the balls to show how people would smuggle them back by taping them to themselves…
The one thing I found funny was the Guy had 1 Sostenon rediject and 2 Stens taped to himself …Im thinking they really are dumbasses…That would be one sorry ass cycle…
By the way I have a 50 ml bottle ready for a introvenous drip any idea what the initiall settings should be to get a good frontload in and then what setting after that to maintain a good blood level…I can’t wait this ought to do wonders for my cholesterol…LMAO

I saw this shit the other night, can’t say I am not surprised