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You're A Strongman Camko (Hogwarts Gym of Liftcraft and F*ckery)



Week 3
Weight: 224.6lbs

Monday(4/09) Day 4(Overhead Day 2)

  1. Axle Press
    1x3(175lbs), 5x3(145lbs)
  2. Bench Press
    1x3(205lbs), 1x3(225lbs), 1x6(265lbs)
  3. Lat Pulldown
  4. 1-Arm Standing Cable Row
  5. Hammer Curls 5x10(45lbs)
    Tricep Pushdowns 5x12(90lbs)
    Side Lateral Raises 5x15(20lbs)


  • Nothing really to report with this one, the 3 reps @ 175lbs went better than i thought.



I love your inspirational music choices, I think I have aboit 80% of them on my own playlist.
Nice workout.


Hell yeah, glad you are enjoying the music!


Week 4
Weight: 224.5lbs

Tuesday(4/10) Day 1(Squat/Deadlift)

  1. Deadlift:
    1x5(135lbs), 1x5(225lbs), 1x5(315lbs), 1x3(405lbs), 1x3(455lbs), 1x1(500lbs), 1x2(545lbs)
  2. Axle Deadlift:
    1x5(335lbs), 1x3(385lbs), 1xAMRAP(405lbs, 12 reps)
  3. SSB Squat:
    1x5(275lbs), 1x3(315lbs), 1x1(345lbs)
  4. GHR 5x10(BW)
    Reverse Sled Drag 5x15yards(405lbs)
    Valslide Body Saw 5x10(BW)


  • Deadlifts went very well today, worked up to a solid 545lbsx2, went smooth and fast. Slight rounding on the second rep cause I some of my brace, nothing major.
  • Before the last set I wanted to see if I could do 500lbs double overhand(no hook grip, thats for weenies), cause I wasnt able to do it a month ago and I was able to get it! Grip wasnt even close to failing at the top. Grip gainz are real.
  • Further grip gainz proven by the axle amrap set at 405lbs, got 12 reps, but I probably could have only gotten 1 more after.
  • Worked up to a single on the SSB Squat, was probably an RPE 8.5, could have possibly gotten 2 more reps. But for now, 345 is a PR.
  • Same density circuit at the end, only able to get 5 rounds cause this one really kills me.



Best rap albums of all time

  1. 36 Chambers
  2. Illmatic
  3. The Slim Shady LP


Week 4
Weight: Unknown

Thursday(4/12) Day 2(Overhead Day)

  1. AP Bar Press(Clean once)
    1x5(105lbs), 1x5(145lbs), 1x10(145lbs)
  2. 1-Arm DB Press w/ Fat-Gripz
    3x2, 3, 8/ea(100lbs), 1x2(120lbs)
  3. Neutral Grip Pull-Ups
    4x15, 10, 10, 10(BW)
  4. 1-Arm DB Rows 5x10(100lbs)
    Dips 5x10(BW)
    Band Face Pulls 5x12(Medium/Heavy Resistance)


  • Felt kinda sluggish today during this training session, went latter than usual so Im gonna use that excuse.
  • 8 Strict and 2 Push for the AP Bar press, wasnt happy with this considering I got 10 reps with this at 155lbs last week.
  • Got 8 Reps with the 1 Arm press, so that was better than last week which was good, then proceeded to get 2 with the 120lbs. Dumbell was really loose so it kept rolling off my shoulder, could have gotten more.
  • 45 total reps for the pull ups
  • Only got 5 rounds this week with the density set, like I said I was feeling really sluggish so this cooked me.
  • Gotta get my game right for my second overhead day on Sunday. Gonna make up for this average session.



Week 4
Weight: 223lbs

Saturday(4/14) Day 3(Event Day)

  1. Farmers Hold for Max Time
  2. Husafell Carry for Max Distance
    2x200ft(210lbs), 1x100ft(275lbs)
  3. Log Cleans
    1x5(135lbs), 1x5(185lbs), 1x3(235lbs), 1x2(255lbs), 2x1(275lbs)

Week 4
Weight: 223lbs

Sunday(4/15) Day 4(Overhead Day 2)

  1. Axle Press
    1x3(195lbs, 1 Strict 2 Push), 3x3(155lbs)
  2. Bench Press
    1x5(195lbs), 1x5(225lbs), 1x9(250lbs)
  3. Lat Pulldown
  4. 1-Arm Standing Cable Row
  5. Hammer Curls 6x10(45lbs)
    Tricep Pushdowns 6x12(90lbs)
    Side Lateral Raises 6x15(20lbs)


  • Was busy yesterday so I wasnt able to update, combining the past two workouts in this one post
  • Last heavy workouts before my competition, both day went really well.
  • Was able to clean the 275lbs pretty easily, which is above competition weight, helps with my confidence. Both the farmers and husafell were 10lbs above the comp weight so Im happy with how they turned out.
  • Last carry was more for speed than distance
  • Got a PR on the overhead press with 195lbs for one strict
  • rest of the workout went per usual, bench went alright, was worn out from the heavy overhead so it wasnt as great as past attempts.
  • Gonna be doing 2 small workouts next week before my comp saturday.



Good Luck with the competition!!!


Thank you :)! I will be posting a write up on here when its done, so yall can see how chaotic it was.


Only gonna be at the gym twice this week, first day was today, just did some axle deadlifts and ssb squats at around 60% for 3x5 and then 20minutes of weighted walking.


Another deload day, 2 days out from the comp. Just did some 3x3’s for the Ap bar press and dumbell at 70%, along with a 3x8 super set of pullups and dips. Still got 2lbs to lose before the comp, shouldnt be too bad.



Weighed in at 220lbs exactly about an hour ago. No shoes, clothes on. So as Long as I dont have a crisis today and eat like shit I should be fine. Due to anxiety about making weight I dont think this should be a problem.


Good luck! Good luck!! Good luck!!


Yeah good luck on the competition :slight_smile:


Good luck man!


Kill it man!


good luck big dog!!


Ended up placing 2nd, which qualifies me for nationals. Gonna do a full write up tomorrow. Thanks everyone for the well wishes :smiley:


Awesome job man!


Congrats! Can’t wait to hear about it!



Event 1: Axle Deadlift Max Reps in 60sec(450lbs)

  • Placed 2nd(8 Reps)
  • First Place(9 Reps)

Event 2: Husafell Carry Max Distance in 60sec(260lbs)

  • Placed 1st(215ft)

Event 3: Circus Dumbell(150lbs) , Log Press(260lbs), Natural Stone(190lbs)

  • Placed Last, Was only able to get the Circus Dumbell, Missed first rep of the log and then ran outta time
  • Only 1 person finished the whole event

Event 4: Farmers Hold For Time(270lbs/hand)

  • Placed 2nd(49.3 Seconds)
  • First place got 49.5 Seconds

Event 5: Flip and Drag(550lbs tire/5 flips and unknown weight for 30ft)

  • Placed 2nd(38 Seconds)
  • First Place got 36 Seconds