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You're A Strongman Camko (Hogwarts Gym of Liftcraft and F*ckery)



Youll definitely be ready once you finish that insane squat program.


BUILT BY MIKE(12 Week Strongman Program)
Week 7( Day 3)

  1. Farmers Walks
    1x200ft(150lbs/ea), 1x200ft(200lbs/ea), 1x200ft(240lbs/ea), 1x100ft(290lbs)
  2. Farmers Hold
  3. Sandbag Load
    1x1@58"(300lbs), 1x1@62"(300lbs), 1xfail@64"(300lbs)Was able to lap and get onto bar, just couldnt push it over
  4. KB Swings


BUILT BY MIKE(12 Week Strongman Program)
Week 8( Day 1)

  1. Log Press
    2x5(135lbs), 2x5(155lbs), 2x3(175lbs), 2x3(195lbs), 2x2(205lbs)
  2. Chest Supported Row
    1x6(90lbs), 1x6(180lbs), 1x6(270lbs), 1x6(290lbs), 1x6(310lbs)
  3. Incline DB Press
    1x6(60lbs), 1x6(70lbs), 1x6(80lbs), 1x6(90lbs)
  4. DB Front Raises
  5. DB Front Hold


  • Today was supposed to be axle press, but with the comp about 2 weeks away I opted to do some volume work on the log press. Trying to perfect the technique and just get used to it in general.


For Chest Supported Row what are you actually doing? Machine or a abomination of free weights and benches?

I’ve started doing them consistently myself but I’m on a machine and going light for higher reps. Am curious how you are finding things because you are going heavy and relatively low reps. I think I’d be cheating too much with body English


Im using a plate loaded machine, with isolated handles that rotate. its fucking great. I actually like using dumbells more tho, put I cant go as heavy per hand compared to the machine. CSR are probably my 3rd favorite back exercise next to Pullups and Pendlay Rows.


BUILT BY MIKE(12 Week Strongman Program)
Week 8( Day 2)

  1. SSB Squat
    1x5(155lbs), 1x5(245lbs), 1x3(295lbs), 1x2(335lbs), 2x2(355lbs)PR
  2. 18" Axle Deadlifts
    1x6(560lbs)PR/Top Set
  3. GHR
  4. DOH Axle Holds
    1x35sec(230lbs), 1x20sec(280lbs)


PR territory Cam :slight_smile:
you’re doing awesome, great stuff.


Here we go man…


BUILT BY MIKE(12 Week Strongman Program)
Week 8( Day 3)

  1. Zercher Carry
    4x200ft(385lbs)Foot Speed Work/Drop at 100’
  2. Log Viper Press
    3x3(140lbs), 3x1(160lbs), 3x1(180lbs)
  3. Hammer Curls
    1x10(50lbs), 1x8(60lbs), 1x6(65lbs)


BUILT BY MIKE(12 Week Strongman Program)
Week 9( Day 1)

  1. Football Bar Bench(Widest Grip)
    1x5(150lbs), 1x5(200lbs), 1x3(240lbs), 1x2(260lbs), 1x2(270lbs)
  2. Slanger Football Bar Bench(2ct Pause)
    1x1(290lbs), 1x1(310lbs), 1x1(330lbs)
  3. Pullups
  4. Log Press(5+ Second Eccentric)
    3x3(140lbs), 3x1(160lbs), 3x1(180lbs)
  5. Lat Raises
  6. Crucifix Hold


Come again?


Haha Mark bell’s Sling Shot.


BUILT BY MIKE(12 Week Strongman Program)
Week 9( Day 2)

  1. Cambered Box Squat(2ct Pause)
    3x3(315+150lbs Chains)
  2. Deadlifts
    1x2(560lbs)Top Set
  3. Back Extensions
    3x10(BW+100lbs Chains)
  4. Hanging Leg Raises


lot of iron Cam. Awesome.


BUILT BY MIKE(12 Week Strongman Program)
Week 9( Day 3)

  1. Farmers WalksDrop at 100ft
    1x200(150lbs),1x200(200lbs),1x200(240lbs), 1x200(260lbs)
  2. Atlas Stones @ 60in
    1x3(205lbs), 3x1(240lbs)No Chalk, 3x1(280lbs)Chalk, 3x1(300lbs)Tacky
  3. FG DB Curls



  1. Log Clean&Press
    2x3(140lbs), 3x1(160lbs), 3x1(180lbs),2x1(200lbs), 2x1(230lbs)Just Clean/Contest Weight
  2. Lat Pulldown
    2x6(180lbs), 2x6(230lbs), 2x6(280lbs)
  3. Cable Tricep Extension
  4. Cable Curls


  • Honestly might zero the log event, which is whatever. Ill try my best.
  • Weighed in today too see how fucked I would be for cutting weight before Saturday(Need to be 220 or under)
  • Weighed 223lbs with clothes and at 7pm, I am fucking golden boys. Didnt realize I was such a skinny cunt @guineapig . So that takes some stress off of this week,


Ended up placing 3rd in the 220lb MW Class in my comp today. Was a good day. Congrats to @mr.v3lv3t for popping his strongman cherry and doing very well in his first comp!

Will do a full write up later when I have access to a laptop.


Way to kick some ass after the cut man! That was a ton of fun.


F*cking awesome Cam congrats
Can’t wait to read the writeup and some videos :slight_smile:


2nd loser not too shabby. But actually congrats you are pretty much Larry Wheels