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You're A Strongman Camko (Hogwarts Gym of Liftcraft and F*ckery)



BUILT BY MIKE(12 Week Strongman Program)
Week 5( Day 1)

  1. Log Clean and Press(2 strict, 2 push)
    1x4(135lbs), 1x4(155lbs), 1x4(175lbs), 1x2(195lbs), 1x1(205lbs)BOOOOO
  2. Bent Over Row
    1x8(135lbs), 1x8(185lbs), 1x8(225lbs), 1x8(245lbs), 1x8(265lbs)
  3. Banded Pushups
    3x10(Black/Orange Bands)
  4. BB Front Raises
  5. BB Front Hold
  6. Facepulls
    1x20(80lbs), 1x12(120lbs)


So was this a missing M (BooooooM good lift), or should it have been a double? :slight_smile:
Nice row Cam.


Haha Should have been a double, but thanks for the laugh.


Vid or it never happened


I know its hard to believe, but I promise you the facepulls are legit. I’ll get a vid next time.


BUILT BY MIKE(12 Week Strongman Program)
Week 5( Day 2)

  1. SSB Pause Squats
    1x3(155lbs), 1x3(205lbs), 1x3(245lbs), 1x3(295lbs), 1x3(315lbs), 1x3(335lbs)
  2. Axle Deadlifts @ 18in
    1x5(140lbs), 1x5(250lbs), 1x5(340lbs), 1x5(430lbs), 1x5(520lbs)
  3. GHD
  4. Axle Suitcase Hold
    1x40sec/ea(100lbs), 1x30sec/ea(120lbs)


BUILT BY MIKE(12 Week Strongman Program)
Week 6( Day 1)

  1. Bench
    1x10(135lbs), 1x5(185lbs), 1x5(225lbs), 1x3(255lbs), 1x3(275lbs), 2x3(290lbs)
  2. Bench to 3 Board w/ pause
  3. Lat Pulldown
    1x8(160lbs), 1x8(180lbs), 1x8(200lbs), 1x8(220lbs), 1x8(230lbs)
  4. Circus Dumbell
    1x4(75lbs), 1x4(100lbs), 1x2(120lbs), 1x2(130lbs)
  5. Lat Raise
  6. Crucifix Hold


2019 GOALS

  • Actually be decent at Log Press

Thats it.


Lol fat chance.

But actually what are you doing or planning to get to this goal?


More log press, tricep strength, and overhead stability. With those 3 combined and the power of greyskull, I will conquer.


Is log Press strict or can you do the legs? Either way Technique should not be over looked (I think lol)


You are allowed to use leg drive, my next step is to have some of the oly lifters at the gym teach me to split jerk. Technique is solid, I’m literally just a weak potato.


Just eat more you skinny cunt


M8, I’m trying my best.


BUILT BY MIKE(12 Week Strongman Program)
Week 6( Day 2)

  1. Speed Squat(Cambered Bar)
    4x3(255lbs+150lbs Chains)
  2. Deadlifts
    Top set-2x3(515lbs)
  3. Reverse Hyper
    1x10(50lbs), 1x10(100lbs), 1x10(120lbs)
  4. Hanging Leg Raises
    1x20(BW), 1x15(BW), 1x15(BW)


BUILT BY MIKE(12 Week Strongman Program)
Week 6( Day 3)

  1. Zercher Carry
    1x100ft(205lbs), 1x100ft(385lbs), 1x100ft(475lbs), 1x75ft(565lbs)One Drop
  2. Stone Load @ 58" Chalk Only
    1x5(180lbs), 1x5(200lbs), 1x5(220lbs), 1x2(240lbs)
  3. Hammer Curls
    1x8(45lbs), 1x8(50lbs), 1x8(55lbs), 1x8(60lbs)
  4. KB Swings


BUILT BY MIKE(12 Week Strongman Program)
Week 7( Day 1)

  1. Log Clean and Press(1 clean,strict,push)
    1x2(135lbs), 1x2(155lbs), 1x2(175lbs), 1x1(195lbs), 1x1(205lbs), 1x1(210lbs)PR
  2. Pendlay Rows
    1x6(135lbs), 1x6(185lbs), 1x6(235lbs), 1x6(285lbs)
  3. Banded Pushups
    3x12(BW+2 Black, 1 Green Band)
  4. BB Front Raises
  5. BB Front Holds
  6. Facepulls
    1x15(60lbs), 1x15(80bs), 1x10(90lbs)


BUILT BY MIKE(12 Week Strongman Program)
Week 7( Day 2)

  1. Duffalo Bar Squats
    1x5(145lbs), 1x5(235lbs), 1x2(285lbs), 1x2(325lbs), 1x2(375lbs), 2x2(420lbs)PR
  2. Banded Deads EMOM
    10x1(420lbs+100lbs Band Tension(2 Green Bands))
  3. Reverse Hyper
    1x10(90lbs),1x10(140lbs), 1x10(160lbs)
  4. RKC Planks




Looks like it is time for me to test out my squat max soon. 405 rough rep back in Aug. I’m sure I’m stronger now. Looks like I’m shooting for a 425 or so. Maybe a triple of 405. :crazy_face: