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You're A Strongman Camko (Hogwarts Gym of Liftcraft and F*ckery)



There is a very good chance I zero that event, going to be real stoked to complete 1 rep haha.


Im in the same boat, the MW log is 240lbs and I barely got the 200lbs for 2. If I am able to get 1 rep by february I would say that is great progress.


Join the gang lol! Log press is the devil


I just need to learn how to create a stable rack position, which I think you are a having a similar issue


I enjoy OHP already and all these guys on the forum here make me wanna try out log too


Trust me, you wouldnt want to lol


BUILT BY MIKE(12 Week Strongman Program)
Week 2( Day 2)

  1. SSB Squat
    1x5(175lbs), 1x5(250lbs), 1x5(285lbs), 1x5(305lbs), 1x5(315lbs)
  2. 18" Deadlift
    1x8(155lbs), 1x8(265lbs), 1x8(375lbs), 1x8(485lbs), 1x8(535lbs)
  3. GHD
  4. Axle Suitcase Hold
    2xAMTAP/ea(80lbs, 140lbs)


  • Need to work on form for the SSB Squat(Mainly Upper Back Tightness), almost got folded over on the last rep of the last set.
  • Was happy with the deadlifts, contest weight is 585lbs, so just gonna up the weight by 10lbs every week till I am able to get 585lbs for at least 8, then keep working on getting more reps.
  • Gonna add some bands next time doing GHD, just to add some extra spice to it.
  • Grip strength is still looking good.


BUILT BY MIKE(12 Week Strongman Program)
Week 2( Day 3)

  1. Yoke Zercher Carries
    1x100ft(205lbs), 1x100ft(385lbs), 1x100ft(435lbs), 1x50ft(505lbs),1x200ft(385lbs)
  2. Keg Load @ 54"
    1x5(200lbs), 1x5(275-300lbs)Cant remember exact weight, was heaviest one they had
  3. Sandbag Carry
  4. Hammer Curls
    1x10(40lbs), 1x10(50lbs), 1x10(60lbs)
  5. Axle DOH Holds
    1x20sec(185lbs), 1x20sec(245lbs)


  • Really happy with the event work today, Gonna try to add an extra rep/50ft to everything next time around
  • Need to work on loading the keg under fatigue, form started to diminish badly by the 5th rep.
  • Up weight in axle holds
  • Will post video of keg loads later