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You're A Strongman Camko (Hogwarts Gym of Liftcraft and F*ckery)



Turing dairy has turned me into a warrior looking dude. Lost 5lbs super quick after dumping dairy( mucous load?).


Gimme your cake


Honestly, I’m having a harder time quitting dairy now compared to when I dropped cigarettes cold turkey in college.


You can have a slice, be patient.


Random Powerbuilding Concoction Week 7

Tuesday(11/06) Upper Body Shoulders

  1. Speed Press
  2. Strict Press
  3. Arnold Press
  4. Front Raise
  5. DB Flat Press

Wednesday(11/07) Deadlift Day

  1. Deadlifts
    1x2(545lbs), 3x3(455lbs)
  2. Power Shrugs
  3. Stiff Leg Deads
  4. BB Rows
  5. Underhand Grip Lat Pulldowns
    2x5(6 Plates+20lbs)
  6. Good Mornings

Friday(11/09) Upper Body Tricep

  1. Speed Press
  2. CG Bench
    4x4(260lbs), 1x10(260lbs) SlingShot
  3. Dips
  4. Reverse Curl SS
  5. Skullcrushers SS

Saturday(11/10) Upper Body Back

  1. Speed Press
  2. BTN Press
  3. DB Rear Delt Fly
  4. BB Rear Delt Rows
  5. Reverse Curl

Deathlift Video


  • Good week, Something clicked with my strict press and I was able to knock out 175lbsx4 with an RPE 8. Felt good to be able to do this weight without too much of a grind. Shooting for 195lbs or 200lbs for 2 this week.
  • Deadlifts felt alot better, still the slight round but with 90% of my max its not that suprising. you guys can be the judge.
  • Feeling stronger and beefier all around, but getting fat for the winter is fun so hooray.


Nice double Cam Awesome.


Thanks man! Appreciate the support


You beast!


Totally fell off the wagon this week haha, was only able to lift twice. Work, prepping for finals, and lack of sleep destroye me. Was supposed to do a double @ 570lbs for deads, barely managed to get 500lbsx2 Last wednesday. Didnt lift for the rest of the week. Gonna restart this week, get back on track and hopefully be more consistent after thanksgiving.


I lifted weights and ate turkey, was good week. two more weeks left before I start the strongman offseason program


Yes long weekend good.


me lift heavy, me eat lots, me get strong. ooga booga


BUILT BY MIKE(12 Week Strongman Program)
Week 1(Day 1)

  1. Comp Bench
    1x5(135lbs), 1x5(175lbs), 1x5(225lbs), 1x5(270lbs), 1x5(290lbs)
  2. Three Board Press
    1x3(295lbs), 1x3(305lbs), 1x3(315lbs)
  3. Pullups
  4. One Arm DB Press(3 Strict, 2 Push/Then just 2 push)
    1x5/ea(50lbs), 1x5/ea(65lbs), 1x5/ea(75lbs), 1x2/ea(90lbs), 1x2/ea(100lbs)
  5. Crucifix Hold
    1x15(15lbs) Warmup
  6. Facepulls I added these myself for shoulder health


  • First day of the new program, feels good man.
  • So this program runs 3 days a week(Upper, Lower, Event Day) which is good, cause ive been extremely busy lately. I will probably add in another day(Tuesday or Thusday) for conditioning and active recovery.
  • So alot of the mainwork for this program focuses on building up to a top set of either 3 or 5 for the day, which I enjoy and believe works really well for me.
  • I will pretty much be following this program too the Tee, but will be changing the prescribed event days around some to match a competition coming up in February.
  • Noticing some slight shoulder mobility issues, my right side is more mobile than my left, so I will also be trying to address this in the coming weeks.


But what exciting sexi strongman gear are you gonna get?


Got sexy back support, sexy figure 8 straps, sexy knee wraps, and extra sexy mobility manual.


BUILT BY MIKE(12 Week Strongman Program)
Week 1( Day 2)

  1. Back Squat
    1x5(135lbs), 1x5(185lbs), 1x5(235lbs), 1x5(305lbs), 1x5(370lbs), 1x5(390lbs)
  2. Speed Deads
    10x1(360lbs+120lbs Band Tension) EMOM
  3. Back Extensions
    1x10(BW), 1x10(55lbs), 1x10(100lbs)
  4. RKC Planks


  • Damn, my back squat sucks. Couldnt nail the form for the life of me, guess thats what happens when you dont back squat in forever. Was hoping to at least get 405x5 but 390 was a huge struggle bus, RPE 10.
  • Speed deads went well, every rep was fast and technique was good.
  • Forgot how much I enjoy back extensions, need to up the initial weight for the next time I do these.


BUILT BY MIKE(12 Week Strongman Program)
Week 1( Day 3)

  1. Farmers Walk
    1x200ft(120lbs/ea), 1x200ft(210lbs), 1x100ft(260lbs)
  2. Farmers Hold
  3. Sandbag Load(Chest Height)
    1x10(150lbs), 1x5(250lbs)
  4. Keg Carry
    1x300ft(150lbs), 1x300ft(250lbs)


  • Everything went great today, first day at the new gym and its the perfect environment for this kinds of training
  • Definitely can go heavier on the keg carry, gonna shoot for reps on the sandbag load next time
  • Farmers walks were 10lbs above the comp weight, so im already feeling confident about that, just need to work on the speed now cause I start fast but slow down pretty quickly.


Late popping in here, but nice strong deadlifts!

How narrow are your feet in your deadlift here? This angle makes it look like your feet are nearly touching. Not saying that is right or wrong, just curious.

Again, it could be the angle, but it also appears that you’re a little forward during your pull (knees and possibly shoulders a little out in front of the bar). This happens to me sometimes, and almost always makes me lose my back tightness. Really “sitting back” into my deadlift has seemed to help quite a bit with this.


Thanks man I appreciate it!

Thank you, I appreciate it![quote=“littlesleeper, post:478, topic:238357”]
How narrow are your feet in your deadlift here?

I have a super narrow stance for the deadlift, with my feet pointing outward. I’ve been experimenting alot recently with stance and so far I’ve found this to be the most advantageous for me.

Yeah, this has been my biggest problem. It’s mostly a mental thing, cause all my warmups I’m able to follow the sit back cue fine. But on max lifts my brain just goes out the window. Just got keep drilling it.


BUILT BY MIKE(12 Week Strongman Program)
Week 2( Day 1)

  1. 12.5" Log Clean+Press(1 Clean, 3 Strict, 2 Push/ 2 Push)
    1x5(100lbs), 1x5(150lbs), 1x5(165lbs), 1x2(180lbs), 1x2(200lbs)
  2. BB Rows
    1x10(155lbs), 1x10(205lbs), 1x10(245lbs)
  3. Banded PushUps
    3x15(Light Tension)
  4. NG Front Raises
  5. NG Front Hold
  6. Face Pulls


  • My Log Press is trash, really need to work on this if Im going to do decent in the comp. 200x2 was a huge struggle bus, need to relearn how to clean properly.
  • Gonna up the band tension on the pushups and shoot for more time on the front hold.