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You're A Strongman Camko (Hogwarts Gym of Liftcraft and F*ckery)



Random Powerbuiling Concoction(Week 3)
Tuesday(10/2) Upper Body Back

  1. Speed Press Triple
  2. BTN Snatch Grip Press
  3. DB Rear Delt Fly
  4. CS Row w/pause
  5. Reverse BB Curl

Wednesday(10/03) Upper Body Shoulders

  1. Speed Press Triple
  2. Push Press 2RM
  3. Arnold Press
  4. Front Raise
  5. DB Incline Press


Random Powerbuilding Concoction(Week 4)

Thursday(10/05) Lower Body Deadlifts


4 Round Circuit:

2a. SLDL 335lbsx8
2b. BB Row 225lbsx8
2c. Underhand Lat Pulldown 6 platesx8
2d. Good Mornings 205lbsx8

Deadlift Sets Video


  • Noticed that my Hips werent coming through quick enough on my top set of deads, so I focused on bringing my hips through as soon as the bar gets to my knees on the drop sets. Made a huge difference, really need to drill this in for my top sets.
  • As always, the circuit was killer, lowerback pump through the roof. all the power. love it.
  • Defenitely noticing some hypertrophy gains all over the place, lots of volume is noice.


Random Powerbuilding Concoction(Week 4)

Monday(10/08) Upper Body Triceps

  1. Speed OH Press
  2. CG Bench
    3x3(270lbs), 1x12/Slingshot(270lbs)
  3. Dips
  4. Overhead Tricep Cable Extension SuperSet
  5. Reverse Curls SuperSet


  • Speed on the press is getting faster and faster each week, small differences, but progress is progress.
  • Decided that for CG bench to add the slingshot for 1 amrap set after the working set to help overload the triceps. Feels good man.
  • Dips feeling really good, getting stronger with these despite the BW going up which is a good sign.
  • Isolation work, big arms for big lifts.


Crazy Week, worked 80+hrs and school. Managed to get to the gym some times. Deloading this upcoming week cause I need a break, body is killing me.

Top Lifts for the Week:

Front Squats 10x5(255lbs)
BTN Press 2x6(135lbs)
Deadlifts 1x2(545lbs)



Deload week this week, did about 6 singles @ 215lbs for the push press and then 150 band pullaparts total.


Got a membership at a real big boi strongman gym thats gonna be opening up pretty close to my place at some point this week. Stoked to finally be able to train with implements consistently. Anywho, end of the deload is today, so back to the regularly scheduled programming.


Random Powerbuilding Concoction(Week 5)

Monday(10/22) Upper Body Shoulders

  1. Speed Press Triple
  2. Strict Press 8RM
  3. Arnold Press
  4. DB Front Raise
  5. DB Incline Press


  • Good to be back at it after the deload, feeling good and refreshed. Ready to kill it again.
  • Gonna focus on strict press this round, my push press was able to go up so hopefully this will help my strict press as well which is suffering.
  • Started off with a conservative 8RM of 135lbs. One thing Ive noticed with my strict press is that even a small weight increase can feel huge. Like I could have gotten 10 or 12 reps with 135lbs but If I tried to go up 5 or 10lbs I would have struggled to get 8 cause my shoulders fatigue very quickly.
  • So Im staying relatively conservative cause I dont want to go to failure every week.
  • Same prescribed accessory work as the last round, hopefully itll help build mass and endurance.


Sounds like a very solid plan. I’m enjoying that kind of programming currently


Random Powerbuilding Concoction Week 5

Tuesday(10/23) Deadlift Day

  1. Deadlifts
    3x3(500lbs), 3x3(405lbs)
  2. Power Shrugs
  3. Stiff Leg Deads
  4. Pendlay Rows
  5. Underhand Grip Lat Pulldowns
  6. Good Mornings

Thursday(10/25) Upper Body Tricep

  1. Speed Press
  2. CG Bench
    1x1(320lbs), 3x6(225lbs), 1x20(225lbs)Slingshot
  3. Dips
  4. Reverse Curl SS
  5. Tricep Extensions SS

Friday(10/26) Front Skwaats

  1. Front Squats
    1x3(265lbs), 1x3(285lbs), 1x3(300lbs)
  2. Leg Press
    1x10(630lbs), 1x8(670lbs), 1x6(700lbs)
  3. Split Squats
  4. Leg Curls
  5. Stiff Leg Deadlifts

Saturday(10/27) Upper Body Back

  1. Speed Press
  2. BTN Press
  3. Rear Delt Fly
  4. Chest Supported Rows
  5. FacePulls


  • May be doing weekly updates from this time on, based on my schedule it just seems to be the easiest way for me to consistently update this log. If I have the time I may post day to day, but that is unlikely until winter break in December.
  • Besides that, first week back training went really well. Nothing to complain about, everythign going smoothly. Except for the one thing I have to complain about.
  • My. Fucking. Deadlifts. Are. Awful.
  • Idk what happened but somewhere down the line my form/technique shit the bed and now my back is starting to round significantly and my lockout isnt happening when its supposed too. Gonna be posting a video tomorrow hopefully of my form, see if we cant figure this fucker out.
  • Either way, they just dont feel right anymore and I love deadlifts so, dis needs to be fixed.


Take some time with light weight in between workouts to work on form… maybe some banded speed work. Strip the form down and start from scratch.


I second the Hog right there.
I could ad do some heavy KB swings it might help strengthening the back a bit.


I appreciate the input, but my form/technique is spot on when Im warming up with lighter weights. Its only when I get to 500+lbs does it start to deteriorate, which makes me think its some sort of muscular weakness or imbalance somewhere causing this. It is also frustrating cause looking at older videos of me pulling 500+ the form was great, only recently has this become an issue which confuses me. I am gonna start doing more KB swings tho, cause I used to do them pretty much every workout and I feel like that helped alot.


Those things have helped my lower back a ton. I thought it would hurt, but no, it’s good.


all good man just providing some input… maybe when you get some time video?


Im deadlifting later today, Ill get it on video.


It’s a lot easier for muscle memory to take over with lighter weights than it is with heavier weights, which could be part of it. Are there any cues that you used to use and then stopped?

For me, after I use a certain cue for a few weeks, it becomes part of my motor pattern and I don’t need to think about it anymore (like all people). But perhaps (if this is the case) you just need to bring certain cue(s) back to the forefront of your thoughts and force your body to do what it needs to do.

That’s my best guess, honestly.


Random Powerbuilding Concoction Week 6

Monday(10/29) Upper Body Shoulders

  1. Speed Press
  2. Strict Press
  3. Arnold Press
  4. Front Raise
  5. DB Incline Press

Tuesday(10/30) Deadlift Day

  1. Deadlifts
    1x2(515lbs), 3x3(425lbs)
  2. Power Shrugs
  3. Stiff Leg Deads
  4. Pendlay Rows
  5. Underhand Grip Lat Pulldowns
    3x5(6 Plates)
  6. Good Mornings

Thursday(11/01) Upper Body Tricep

  1. Speed Press
  2. CG Bench
    4x6(240lbs), 1x12(240lbs)SlingShot
  3. Dips
  4. Reverse Curl SS
  5. Skullcrushers SS

Friday(11/02) Front Skwaats

  1. Front Squats
  2. Leg Press
    4x25(4 Plates)
  3. Leg CurlsSS
  4. Leg ExtensionsSS
  5. DB Stiff Leg


  • Good week this week training, back still rounding on deadlifts, but they are fast as fuck so a lose/win whatever situation. Will post video later.
  • The lifting 5 days a week is starting to take its toll, only 3 more weeks left luckily then switching to a 3 day a week strongman specific program which will be good for my health.
  • Feeling really fatigued going into this week, despite the good training my diet and sleep hit an all time low last week. At like shit and slept even worse, averaging about 4hrs a night for the whole week.
  • Having trouble staying asleep at night, gonna lower my caffeine intake and get some zzquil see if that helps.
  • Diet wise, gonna be cutting out all dairy products this month. I realize that I rely heavily on dairy in my everyday diet. I believe it is starting to make me sluggish and bloated, so Im gonna cut it out and see if anything changes.


If it’s your upper back, that’s more or less okay, from what I’ve read.


Nah, its my lower back. Its not like a catback deadlift, but its noticable. Im starting to think that my hamstrings just might be too tight, gonna spend extra attention on them next session see if that helps.


Random Powerbuilding Concoction Week 6

Monday(11/05) Upper Body Back

  1. Speed Press
  2. BTN Press
  3. Rear Delt Fly
  4. Chest Supported Rows
  5. FacePulls


  • A day behind cause of work and family stuff, starting week 7 today