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You're A Strongman Camko (Hogwarts Gym of Liftcraft and F*ckery)



One thing that helped me learn how to brace properly was to lay down on my back with some weight on my stomach, feet up on a wall set up so it look like im at the bottom of a squat, then deep belly breaths lifting the weight up and causing your lower back to push into the floor. Hold it for 5-10seconds and then release. Try doing it as a warmup for like 8-10reps before you squat or deadlift.


Week 2(Best Damn 2)
Wednesday Day 3(Push 2)

  1. Smith Machine Press 185lbsx5,3,2
  2. Goblet Squat(Pause at bottom) 100lbsx12,12,10
  3. One Arm DB Tricep Extension 35lbsx8
  4. Pec Deck 190lbsx12,3,3,2

Conditioning(5 Rounds):

  1. 10 Hanging Leg Raises, 5 Toe-to-Bar
  2. 20 KB Swings(45lbs)
  3. Jump Rope until failure


  • Gonna be alternating the Overhead with the Smith Press week to week, hopefully the change and being able to handle heavier weight on the smith machine will do the trick and help my press move forward.



Big Z liked the smith press. Can’t argue with those results.


my exact logics behind it haha

If its good enough for the log press king, its good enough for me.


Week 2(Best Damn 2)
Thursday(8/23) Day 4(Pull 2)

  1. NG Pullups BW+90lbs 5,2,1,1,1 PR
  2. Cable Row 170lbsx10
  3. Leg Curl 160lbsx12,3,3,2
  4. Seated Incline DB Curls 35lbsx8


  • Getting stronger at pullups, always a good thing, gonna do some pulldowns next week just to change things up. Shock the muscle, confusion, rhino DNA = gainz
  • Thinking about seeing a chiropracter soon, the right side of my neck/trap has been stiff/has had a kink in it for the past 2-3months which I believe is what is causing my right shoulder to start locking up after alot of pressing movements.
  • Will also buy a nice pillow, cause I think alot of the problem is my pillow sucks butt

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I got a new pillow… it helps. Same issue on the trap tightening and causing shoulder issues


Good to know, was it one of those super expensive ones($80+)?

Keep me posted if you find anything that help


I got the “my pillow” green fill. It’s good. If they have a heavier fill I would like to use that but this one is good.


Week 2(Best Damn 2)
Friday(8/24) Day 5(Push 3)

  1. Bench Press 315lbsx4,1,1,1,1 PR
  2. Seated Incline Lat Raise 20lbsx10
  3. Leg Extension 230lbsx10,3,3,2
  4. Tricep Pushdown 82.5lbsx12,3,2


  • Did not expect to be breaking all these PRs running this program, but here we are. keep the train rolling, choo choo.

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The PR Train keeps going — well done Cam




Pretty much had the same reaction too haha. Went in feeling like shit too, so it was a nice surprise.


Week 2(Best Damn 2)
Saturday(8/25) Day 6(Pull 3)

  1. Pendlay Row 315lbsx5,2,2,1Beltless/PR
  2. Foot Elev. DB RDLs 100lbsx10,10,10
  3. Straight Arm Pulldown 72.5lbsx12,3,3,3,3,3,2
  4. Cable Curls 67.5lbsx10,3,3,3,2


  • One issue when I go heavy on deadlifts is my lower back rounding, so I opted to do beltless Pendlay Rows in order to help keep a strong neutral spine. Worked out since I managed a 1 rep PR.
  • Feeling #thicc , need to check weight soon to confirm.

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So only managed to get 155lbs for 2 today on the strict press, which is not even remotely good. My entire right side of my neck, trap, shoulder is constantly tight and it gets worse when I do overhead which is why its degressing. Cant seem to get it too loosen up no matter how I warm up, need to fix this issue before I can move on in overhead work. Any ideas, suggestions, knowledge would be appreciated. Its not painful or sore in any way, just really tight.


Have you tried any remedies yet?


Just alot of extra rolling/massing the area before lifting and stretching my traps and neck regularly during the day.

Edit: Gonna upload some pictures later, see if there are some imbalances Im not noticing


Ah right on. Maybe a massage or some needling would do the trick. Perhaps a muscle relaxer.


This is my next step, a friend of mine knows a really good acupuncturist, so depending on how much a session is I will be doing that.


Week 3(Best Damn 2

Saturday(9/1) Day 5(Push 3)

Been busy with the new job and frustrated by the whole neck/trap/shoulder thing, been working out everyday, just no posting.

  1. Paused Incline Bench 205lbsx5,3,2
  2. Incline Lat Raises 20lbsx12,10,10
  3. Leg Press(Close Stance) 550lbsx12,3,3,3,2
  4. Cable Tricep Pushdown 72.5lbsx12,3,3,3,3,2


  • Like I said started my new job on Monday, while also finishing up the last week of my old job, while also prepping for school starting this upcoming week. Very busy, very tired.
  • Managed to find time to workout everyday, but the sessions have been ok, but not much food or sleep so they could have been better.
  • Was reading up on the issue with my neck/trap/shoulder and it seems that the likely culprit(besides uncomfy pillows) is that those muscle groups are taking over due to my lat being unactive during lifts/life.
  • After learning this info, I doubled the massage/rolling on that whole muscle group and did a couple lat activation drills before the incline bench. Safe to say, it worked. Tightness is still there, but its nowhere near as prevalent as before.
  • Gonna keep doing this before most workouts and hopefully it will be gone completely in a few weeks.


Week 4(Best Damn 2)

Wednesday/Thursday(9/5&6) Day 1/2

Push 1:

  1. CG Bench 275lbsx4,1,1,1,1
  2. Front Squat(10 Sec Pause) 225lbsx4,1,1,1,1
  3. DB Flat Bench 100lbsx8
  4. DB Lat Raise 20lbsx12,3,3,3,2

Pull 1:

  1. RDLs 365lbsx5,2,3
  2. DB Pullover 85lbsx8
  3. DB RDR 15lbsx12,3,3,3,3,2
  4. BB Bicep Curl 105lbsx6,3,2,1


  • Dialed back the weight on alot of the main movements for this last week to really focus on technique and control. MMC bruh
  • New job and school has kept me really busy, hence my lack of posting. Officially on hour 15 of my shift, with no end in site, sleep is not a thing.
  • Everything is looking good in the weightroom otherwise, definitely noticing that Im putting on some size in my upper body. Legs have stayed the same I think, feel like I would need more volume to make thigh gainz. Still team no thigh gap thjo.