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You're A Strongman Camko (Hogwarts Gym of Liftcraft and F*ckery)



Awesome work man. Strong as shit


Nice write-up, and good job placing 3rd!


Official Start of the Best Damn Workout Plan 2 by Thib
Weight: 212lbs
Current Maxes:
1. Squat- 465lbs
2. Deadlift- 605lbs
3. Bench Press- 345lbs
4. Overhead Press(Strict)- 205lbs

  • I know that the purpose of this program isnt strength per-say, but im hoping that with the rest/pause work along with increasing my weight I will see some new PRs at the end of this program.
  • Gonna run this until I get bored with it, will go 4 weeks definitely and if I like the progress I am making then I will go for a bit longer.
  • Afterwords I will be running a powerbuilding program(most likely brian alsruhes or maybe @BOTSLAYER 's since ive been creeping on his program excel sheet)
  • Then a strongman specific program afterwords.


Week 1
Weight: 212lbs

Monday(8/13) Day 1(Push 1)

  1. Front Squat 275lbsx5,2,1,1,1
  2. CG Floor Press 245lbsx4,2,2
  3. Slight Incline DB Bench 65lbsx10
  4. Machine Shoulder Press 130lbsx10,3,3,3,2

Tuesday(8/14) Day 2(Pull 1)

  1. RDL’s 405lbsx4,2,2
  2. DB Pullovers 80lbsx8
  3. Face Pulls 62.5lbsx12,3,3,3,3,3,2
  4. BB Curl 120lbsx4,2,2


  • Feeling good after the comp on Saturday, so I decided to jump right back into things.
  • First two workouts went over well, everything below the nipples is pretty tight and sore. Gonna be doing some extra stretching and mobility this week to get the blood flowing and loosen everything up.
  • To compensate for the lack of giant sets I will be adding 3 conditioning workouts a week to keep my conditioning in check
  • posted is the top set of every exercise, since the warm ups arent as important to me.


Week 1(Best Damn 2)

Wednesday(8/15) Day 3(Push 2)

  1. Overhead Press 155lbsx4,2,2 Sucks
  2. Goblet Squats 100lbsx10
  3. One Arm DB Tricep Ext. 30lbsx10
  4. Chest Press Machine 210lbsx10,3,3,3,2


  • Pissed about my overhead, my right shoulder locked up early and no amount of warmup or anything could get it out of its funk. Hoping this isnt a recurring problem otherwise my overhead is gonna move backwards.


Locked up like muscle cramp or something structural?


Pretty sure it was just a muscle cramp that tightened everything, Gonna be rolling the fuck outta my neck,traps,delts to loosen it.


Hopefully nothing serious.


I doubt it is, no pain whatsoever. It’s more of a nuisance.


Nice job on the comp sir!


Thanks :slight_smile:

Week 1(Best Damn 2)
Thursday(8/16) Day 4(Pull 2)

  1. NG Pullups BW+95lbsx4,2,1,1
  2. NG Cable Rows 160lbsx10
  3. Leg Curls 180lbsx10,3,3,2
  4. Incline Seated Bicep Curls 30lbsx8


Week 1(Best Damn 2)
Friday(8/17) Day 5(Push 3)

  1. Incline Bench 225lbsx4,2,1,1 PR
  2. Lat Raises 25lbsx10
  3. Leg Extensions 225lbsx12,3,3,3,3,2
  4. Tricep Rope Pushdowns 62.5lbsx12,3,3,3,2

Inspirational Song of the Day


Week 1(Best Damn 2)
Saturday(8/18) Day 6(Pull 3)

  1. DB Seal Rows 100lbsx6,3,3
  2. Elevated DB RDLs 100lbsx10
  3. Straight Arm Pulldown 67.5lbsx12,3,3,3,3,3,2
  4. Cable Curl 62.5lbsx12,3,3,3,3,2

Inspirational Song of the Day


Week 2(Best Damn 2)
Monday(8/20) Day 1(Push 1)

  1. Front Squat 295lbsx5,2,1,1,1 PR
  2. CG Bench 270lbsx5,3,1,1 PR
  3. High Incline DB Bench 70lbsx8
  4. Machine Shoulder Press 130lbsx10,3,3,2

Tuesday(8/21) Day 2(Pull 1)

  1. Deadlift @ Mid Shin 560lbsx5,2,2,1
  2. DB Pullover 80lbsx10
  3. DB Rear Delt 20lbsx12,3,3,3,2
  4. BB Curl 125lbsx5,4,1 PR


  • Double PR on Monday and I got a job offer, so triple PR. Good start to the week. Nice to see my front squats starting to go up again.
  • Getting alot better at bracing throughout the entire movement, which is were this PR came from.
    -CG Bench was just pure grit haha.
  • Not a PR, But some major Deadlift @ Mid Shin gainz compared to the first week. Technique felt alot better.
  • Slowed down the eccentric portion of all the DB Lifts, more so than last week. future IFBB Pro.
  • Curl PR for all the Gurls.
  • Looking forward to the rest of the week, gainz all day.





Great hope you get your job.
And great pr’s Cam
Hoping I’ll learn someday to brace proberly, really trying hard to do it. But I don’t think I got it all right.


Same lol. My bracing has improved a shittone thanks to your advice though.


Thanks man, I did get the job, gonna be a nice change of pace and I’ll be able to save up some more cash now during the school year.

Do you were a belt when you lift?

@duketheslaya same question. I don’t think I’ve seen you with one in your videos.


I don’t have one (saving up for one though). I have straps but i haven’t bothered to use them because well im weak so what’s the point.


Yes and the bracing is much better with belt, but I would like to be able to brace without the belt.