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You're A Strongman Camko (Hogwarts Gym of Liftcraft and F*ckery)



What are your lifts at right now? any sort of work with implements?


Strict press is pretty low (115/125), haven’t trained my push press or jerk in a while, but on a whim I hit around 145/155 and 165/175 on those, respectively.

Deadlift around 365-375 at the moment I’d say, and SSB around 235-245.

I haven’t worked with any implements, so I’d certainly have a learning curve, but I have a decent base of athleticism to draw from and I pick, move, and carry awkward shit all the time for work.


You should consider doing a novice comp for shits and gigs. It’s a good time and even if you don’t do well it’s a great learning experience


I’ll keep an eye out for one early next year. Once I have a little more time to breath this winter I should be able to get a few lbs on the body and the lifts.


As you said you’re doing strongman shit every day almost, you’ve got that labour man stamina, you would do well.


I honestly think that alot of my carrying strength comes from working as a butchers apprentice for a year(Same year I decided to switch to strongman training too). Something about hauling 100-200lbs of meat around everyday, moving it overhead, etc.


Quick Update:

Aint done shit this week.

3 Days Out.


I’m hyped to see how you do! Goodluck man


Feels good doesn’t it…


Thanks man! Im hyped up too, its gonna be a fun comp.

I wish it did haha. Usually I still lift during a deload, but ive had a nasty cold the past few days so ive been taking it easy since I still have to work alot.


If it is any comfort… this is the first time I ever did nothing during a deload…


I mean the darkhorse program beats people to shit, so I cant blame you for doing nothing. Especially after those heavy PRs.

Im gonna be going in tomorrow and hit some light Overhead,Deadlifts,and Carrys just in prep for the comp/get some blood flowing.


Just don’t go overboard and hit a PR tomorrow.
I’ll prepare some popcorn sit back and wait for the big numbers to appear this saturday.
Good luck man.



1a. Overhead Press
1x5(95lbs), 1x5(115lbs), 1x5(135lbs), 1x3(155lbs)
1b. Pullups-Various Grips
1c. BPA
4x10(Medium resistance)

2a. Deadlifts @ Midshin
1x5(135lbs), 1x5(225lbs), 1x5(315lbs), 1x3(405lbs), 1x1(425lbs)
2b. Goodmornings-Holding Stretch Position for 10 seconds

3a. Incline DB 3x10(55lbs)
3b. Chest Supported Row 3x10(55lbs)
3c. Back Extension 3x20(BW)

4a. Leg Extensions 3x10(110lbs)


  • Writing this on Friday, was nice to put a little weight up this week, got me feeling more confident for the comp(even tho its deload). Was able to loosen up quite a bit.
  • Comp is tomorrow morning, for once I dont have to worry about cutting weight which means I can gorge a bit today. Gonna be fueled up for the comp tomorrow which is a first.


Watching some prs broken tomorrow


Ended up placing third out of 10 competitors in Mens Middleweight. Weighed in at 212lbs. Will do a full write up(with pics/vids) tomorrow.


Well done Cam :blush:


Brutes and Brews 2018(4th Strongman Competition )
Weight Class: Middleweight(212lbs)
Placed: 3rd

Event 1(Viking Press for Reps @ 225lbs):

1st) 14 Reps
2nd) 13 Reps
3rd) 9 Reps
4th) 7 Reps Me/Tied With 1 Other Person

Event 2(Deadlift for Reps @ 425lbs):

1st) 21 Reps
2nd) 20 Reps Me

Event 3(Stein Hold @ 50lbs):

1st) 27 Seconds
2nd) 25 Seconds
3rd) 22 Seconds Me

Event 4(Frame Carry for Time @ 475lbs/50ft):

1st) 6-8ft Me/I was the only one able to lift it

Event 5(Odd Object Load):

  1. Keg 200lbs
  2. Flat/Circular Concrete Slab 250lbs
  3. Natural Stone 210lbs
  4. Barrel 200-250lbs
  • Dont know where I placed on this too be honest, but i loaded everything in 20 seconds. Was quick enough to secure a 3rd place finish so thats all that matters.



  • Definitely my hardest comp too date, very fierce competition, every competitors was strong and on their A-game.
  • Since everything was made of wood, the guy running the show(Who made the implements) said everything was gonna be heavier than the posted weights cause of the humidity, but he had no idea what it would be and we would have to deal with it haha.
  • Was very happy with my third place finish, like I said there was alot of great competitors. Every one in the top 5 was fighting tooth and nail for a top 3 finish. I put in my best effort and managed a spot on the “podium”. Next stop, first place.
  • Shout out to the guys running the show, everything went very smoothly, didnt have to wait too long between events. plus they handmade all the implements used which was killer.
  • Met alot of awesome dudes/gals, looking forward to seeing them again in future comps.
  • Also, had no idea how I was placing in the comp after the first event. All of it was just assumptions based on my positions in the lineups for events. Figured everything out after it was over.

Event 1:

  • Had no practice with this implement in the gym beforehand, had no idea how I would do considering my max push press is around 240-250lbs
  • Could only push press, was not allowed to split
  • Was super pumped to get 7 reps, since overhead is my weakpoint this was a large confidence boost
  • This confidence boost was immediately crushed by the guy who placed first, was last in order and just got 14reps to beat the current leader. Could have gone on for days, just strict pressing it.

Event 2:

  • Now watching this event was torture, the bar was so whippy that it kept either falling forward or was moving people in circles. Half the people had there last few reps end up on the concrete facing the left/right.
  • Youll see in the video Ill be posting later, but I looked like a robot performing my reps haha. Only reason I stopped a few times was because the bar kept getting away from me so I had to keep readjusting.
  • Again, the guy who got first could have easily banged out 30 reps but stopped with just enough to beat me. Bastard.

Event 3:

  • This event was the one that everyone was dreading, but most people ended up doing fairly well.
  • A majority of people ended up being cut short because they were either bending there elbow too much or leaning too far back. Had to keep arms straight and keep your posture as straight as possible.
  • I was happy I was able to hold it for as long as I did, thought Id be one and done on this one.

Event 4:

  • Now this one happy everybody fucked up haha, out of the 50 competitors total only 10 were able to move it at all and only 2 got the whole 50 feet.
  • Out of the 10 in my weight class, I was the only one able to get it off the ground so I won(Even tho I made it a whole 6-8 feet haha)
  • So youll see in the video how fucked it was, but it was pretty much a 500lb frame with uneven handles and rolling thunder grips( Grip was smooth piping held to the frame by chains)
  • Everyone was pissed, but I won, so I didnt care a bit. Would do it again.
  • Guy running the comp shut everyone up by picking it up and running the whole 50ft.

Event 5:

  • Everyone was scared of the concrete slab, but only 3 people in my weight class didnt get it.
  • Was able to manhandle everything pretty easily, the slab was the slowest moving. Keg and barrell I was able to one motion up.
  • Wicked fast, wicked fun. Think I either placed 2nd or 3rd.
  • 1st place got it all in like 10 seconds, pretty wild to watch.



Nice work dude! I woke up about 2 hours after the comp started this weekend so no way I was making it down. That deadlift is absurd haha.


Dude you have no idea, people were going all over the place. Some dude literally ended up facing the opposite direction by the end of his session. I used most of my energy just trying to keep the bar in front of me.