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You're A Strongman Camko (Hogwarts Gym of Liftcraft and F*ckery)



This sunday boi



Holy pancake Batman
Just went a bit back on your log 510 lbs SGDL is awesome Cam
Great pr’s now on variations — PR’s gonna rain over you the next week.


Awesome! I’ve got 6 workouts left in my program. 2 this week and then next week. Deload and test.

How will you set up your testing? All in one day? One week? Multiple weeks? You gonna take a week of recovery before starting a new program?


Gonna do it next week, Tuesday I’m gonna do bench/deadlift and either Thursday or Friday(depending on how I’m feeling) I’m gonna do overhead/squat. No other lifts, just testing maxes those days. So my competition is one August 11th, which buts me in a weird spot cause I want to deload after I test my maxes. But then I have this awkward gap week between my deload and the competition. May just fuck around that week.


With a comp that close I wouldn’t go all out on test week. Leave some in the tank…


I usually go all out about two weeks before a comp anyway. Called peak week, most powerlifters do it, granted it’s not 100%, but since im giving myself 3 weeks I’ll be all good. Plus it’ll be a huge confidence boost for me before my competition.


Conjugate Week 12(Phase 2)

Friday(7/20) Final Day(DE Lower)

EMOM Set 1:

  1. Squats 10x1(295lbs + 200lbs Band Tension)

EMOM Set 2:

  1. Deadlifts 10x1(385lbs + 40lbs Chains :frowning:someone took all my deadlift bands)

Assistance Set:

1a. Leg Press 3x1min(410lbs)
1b. Pull throughs 3x15(80lbs)
1c. Hanging Leg Raises 3x12(BW)

Last Set Video:


  • Last day of the conjugate program, bittersweet. Had a great workout today, sad that its finally over.
  • Only thing to report today is that some bimbo hoarded all the mini bands I used for deadlifts so I had to use the dinky chains we had. Oh well, still fast.
  • Looking forward to the test week next week, gonna do a full write up of the program afterwords, see how well it worked.



Sad to be completing a program you liked! Looking forward to seeing your numbers next week though!!

What made the girl a bimbo??? I have not heard that word in forever!! Made me giggle.


She’s one of the trainers at the gym, was using all the bands for one of her classes. Super attractive, but not too bright and lacks basic common sense.


Can’t wait to see the write up…

My left hammy is not wanting to finish this program. Gonna limp it to the finish line


Test Day 1(7/23) Bench/Squat

  1. Bench:
    1x5(135lbs), 1x5(185lbs), 1x3(225lbs), 1x1(275lbs), 1x1(315lbs), 1x1(335lbs), 1x1(345lbs)15lb PR, 1x0(350lbs)

  2. Squat:
    1x5(135lbs), 1x5(185lbs), 1x3(225lbs), 1x1(275lbs), 1x1(315lbs), 1x1(365lbs), 1x1(405lbs), 1x1(455lbs), 1x1(465lbs)10lb PR, 1x0(475lbs)


  • Didn’t hit all the numbers I was hoping for, but I still got some decent PRs on both lifts.
  • squat did feel off in general, 405lbs felt like 500 on my back. Maybe should have deloaded before testing. Oh well.
  • gonna do deads and overhead on Thursday probably.


Nice PR’s!!!


Nice work man!


Prs!! Nice


Well done Cam :slight_smile:
I must say those are some impressive PR’s not doing any deload before.


A deload would have helped those numbers 10-20lbs man…nice work!


@littlelee @mr.v3lv3t @duketheslaya @mortdk

Thanks guys, appreciate the support :slight_smile:

haha I know, got way too eager, but Ill take what I can get.


Yeah but you know you’re even stronger when the shows go down, this was a fatigued PR


Test Day 2(7/26) Overhead Press/Deadlift

  1. Overhead Press:
    1x5(95lbs), 1x5(135lbs), 1x3(155lbs), 1x1(175lbs), 1x1(195lbs), 1x1(205lbs)10lb PR/Major GRIND

  2. Deadlift(Stiff Bar :,( ):
    1x5(135lbs),1x5(225lbs),1x5(315lbs), 1x3(405lbs), 1x1(455lbs), 1x1(500lbs), 1x1(550lbs), 1x1(605lbs)Stiff Bar PR cause I wanted an excuse for a PR, 1x0(625)Booooo, no overall PRS for this one


  • happy about overhead, meh about deadlift. Gonna blame the stiff bar, because I have that right.
  • got 625lbs up to my knees and then couldnt finish it.