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You're A Strongman Camko (Hogwarts Gym of Liftcraft and F*ckery)



Thanks hog! Glad you are getting something from my log, part of the reason why I joined the forum, so Im happy to hear that.


Conjugate Week 9(Phase 2)

Monday(6/18) Day 1(ME Upper)

Main Set:

1a. Pause CGBP
1x5(135lbs), 1x5(185lbs), 1x5(225lbs), 1x3(245lbs), 1x3(265lbs), 1x2(275lbs), 1x1(295lbs)PR, 1x1(315lbs)PR(Forgot to Pause tho, woops)
1b. Pause Chest Supported Rows
1c. Rear DB Flyes

Volume Set:

1a. Pause CGBP 3x6,5,5(250lbs)
1b. Chest Supported Rows 3x8(100lbs)
1c. Rear DB Flyes 3x15(15lbs)

Assistance Set:

1a. Incline DB Press 3x15(60lbs)
1b. Incline DB Curls 3x10(30lbs)
1c. Reverse Grip Cable Tricep Extensions 3x10(25lbs)


  • PRs all across the board today, if anything, this program has driven my tricep strength up tremendously
  • Paused and Overall PR with 295lbs and even tho I fucked up and forgot to pause the 315lbs, it is still a Huge PR. Before this my 1RM for close grip was 275lbs T&G.
  • Because of all the working sets for the main lift, I really crushed my back with the supplemental rows, felt really good. Dropped the pauses for the volume sets, to get some extra work in.
  • BB Style assistance set, really driving in the incline work to try to get a bigger upper chest in order to create a larger rack(Big Tits=Bigger Pressing)



I’m galling farther and farther behind you guys!

Solid lifts man.


thanks hog!

Hey man give yourself credit, the gains you have made in this past year have been astounding.


It’s not losthog

It’s Gainshog


Nice PR’s sir.


Thanks sister!


Conjugate Week 9(Phase 2)

Wednesday(6/20) Day 2(ME Lower)

Main Set:

1a. Pause @ Knee Deadlifts
1x5(135lbs), 1x5(225lbs), 1x5(315lbs), 1x3(405lbs), 1x1(455lbs), 1x1(500lbs)
1b. Ab Rollouts
1c. Ergometer Sprints
5x30sec(1:30min/500m Pace)

Volume Set:

1a. Pause @ Knee Deadlifts 3x5(405lbs)
1b. Ab Rollouts 3x6(BW)
1c. Ergometer Sprints 3x30sec(1:30min/500m Pace)

Assistance Set:

1a. Front Squats 3x20(135lbs)
1b. DB Shrugs w/pause 3x12(60lbs)
1c. Kneeling Single Leg Curls 3x10(105lbs)



  • All reps performed beltless, threw some straps on for the last set. Mentioned this in the video description, but I messed up my set up for my final set. Knees were do far forward, so when I initiated the pull my body went back(To its optimal position) and the bar stayed forward causing some back rounding.
  • Despite the less than optimal rep, I was still able to complete it with a pause and my spine didnt shoot out my ass so that was also good.
  • Ab rollouts continue to kill me, but im improving week to week.
  • Decided to do the high rep front squats for shits and gigs, just to see if I could do it. Good prep work for the 10min squat challenge.



Lookimg good in here sir. Any future competing plans?


Thanks @littlelee . Yeah, I plan on competing the second week of August.


  1. Viking Press
  2. Deadlift
  3. Stein Hold
  4. Frame Carry
  5. Odd Object Load(Most likely an Anvil)


Sounds cool! Small linguistic question: why is it Stein hold instead of stone hold?


weil du einen Bierkrug(Stein) vor dir hältst.

Sorry if I botched that, haven’t been practicing.


No that was very good!
Never heard some call a Bierkrug a Stein before but I know that event, haha.


Haha Thank you, glad I haven’t lost my touch.

Yeah, everyone I know here calls any sort of mug that holds beer a Stein.


Conjugate Week 9(Phase 2)

Friday(6/22) Day 3(DE Upper)

EMOM Set 1:

1a. Bench Press 10x3(165lbs+120lbs Bands)
1b. DB Row 10x10(95lbs)

Emom Set 2:

1a. Overhead Press 10x3(100lbs)
1b. Med Ball Slams 10x3(15lbs)

Assistance Set:

1a. BTN Press 3x10(145lbs)
1b. Dips 3x20(BW)
1c. Cable Rope Curl 3x15(42.5lbs)


  • Upped the Resistance Bands for the bench, was still able to maintain a fast speed throughout every set so I will be sticking with this resistance.
  • Some more BB style assistance work. Gonna be doing more event style training starting in July.
  • Nothing else to report, good lift, dreading the 10min squat tomorrow.


Music Suggestions

No doubt


Conjugate Week 9(Phase 2)

Saturday(6/23) Day 4(DE Lower)

EMOM Set 1:

  1. Squats 10x1(225lbs + 170lbs Bands)

EMOM Set 2:

  1. Deadlift 10x2(300lbs + 110lbs Bands)

10-Minute Squat Challenge:

  1. 54 Reps(4:23min)


1a. Leg Press 3x12(550lbs)
1b. Pull Throughs 3x12(72.5lbs)
1c. Side Bends 3x15(80lbs)


  • Knew that I would be attempting the squat challenge today so I upped the band tension on the squats and dropped it down to singles. Actually Like this setup more, so I will follow through with this the rest of the program.
  • Need to up the bands on the deadlifts, gonna see how far I can go without sacrificing speed next week.
  • Speed was still good on the squats
  • Disappointed with my performance in the 10minute squat challenge. Shoulders gave out before my legs did, so I did some more assistance work to follow.
  • Will be doing side bends/or equivalent oblique work every week cause I havent for a while



Conjugate Week 10(Phase 2)

Monday(6/25) Day 1(ME Upper)

Main Set:

1a. Wide Grip Strict Press
1x5(95lbs), 1x5(115lbs), 1x5(135lbs), 1x2(155lbs), 1x0(175lbs)Pissed, 1x0(165lbs)More Pissed
1b. Weighted Pullups
1c. Hanging Leg Raises

Volume Set:

1a. Wide Grip Strict Press 3x10,5,5(125lbs)
1b. Weighted Pullups 3x8(BW+45lbs)
1c. Hanging Leg Raises 3x15(BW)

Assistance Set:

1a. Close Grip Incline 3x5(185lbs)
1b. DB Shoulder Press 3x8(60lbs)
1c. Band Pull Aparts 3x20(Med Resistance)


  • Super disappointing in my performance today, just absolutely no strength. Couldn’t get 175 or 165 past my nose.
  • I was shocked and upset I couldnt even get 165lbs considering how easy 155lbs was.
  • I think my main problem is that once the weights get heavier I just cant get tight in my lats and upper back, so I dont have a solid foundation to push from.
  • Currently dont know how to train or remedy this, so any advice would be appreciated.
  • Volume Sets based on 155lbs



Conjugate Week 10(Phase 2)

Wednesday(6/27) Day 2(ME Lower)

Main Set:

1a. Front Squat to Box @ Parallel
1x5(135lbs), 1x5(185lbs), 1x5(225lbs), 1x3(275lbs), 1x2(315lbs), 1x1(335lbs)Beltless PR, 1x1(365lbs)Belt PR

1b. Calf Raises

1c. Side Plank Dips

Volume Set:

1a. Front Squat to Box @ Parallel 3x8,5,5(295lbs)
1b. Calf Raises 3x20(BW)
1c. Side Bends 3x20/side(45lbs)

Assistance Set:

1a. Leg Press 3x1min(390lbs)
1b. Leg Curl 3x8(200lbs)
1c. KB Swings 3x20(45lbs)

Video(Main Lift):


  • Despite the upset of Mondays training, today turned out to be a fantastic training day.
  • PRs on both beltless FS and belt-on Front Squat to Parallel. Good news for me, since I thought my FS was stalling, this shows otherwise.
  • Made sure to sit all the way down on the box before going up, slight pause on the 335lb lift, had longer pauses on all the warm up sets prior.
  • Noticed on the 365lb set that I almost caved forward after leaving the box, will work on that for future sets.
  • Decided to do some calf work, for the aesthetics.
  • Did some more time sets with the leg press this week, sticking with 390lbs for all sets. Gonna pump that up to 410lbs next time around.



Nice front squat man! The belted squat didn’t look as strong as the beltless. But they both were nice squats!

Timed leg press is brutal! Keep grinding man!