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You're A Strongman Camko (Hogwarts Gym of Liftcraft and F*ckery)



Thanks hog! It was a good feeling dropping back to the 40% DE work and feeling how much everythings improved. Especially the conditioning, first week doing EMOM I was dying and now it feels like nothing.


You got a 405 coming soon… I feel it.


Your confidence in me is definitely helping my motivation, appreciate the support man! Ill do it for you or die trying


Conjugate Week 7(Phase 2)

Saturday(6/09) Day 5(DE Lower)

EMOM Set 1:

1a. Back Squats 10x3(185lbs + 120lbs Bands)
1b. Hang Cleans 10x3(135lbs)

EMOM Set 2:

1.Deadlifts 10x3(235lbs + 90lbs Bands)

Assistance Set:

1a. Pause Box Front Squat 3x8(225lbs)
1b. Goodmornings 3x8(225lbs)
1c. Leg Extensions 3x12(200lbs)


  • I think doing the superset emom sets with the squat is affecting my technique. Can tell its getting sloppy towards the end once I start rushing. In future, gonna do the supersets with deads instead and focus on the technique for squats.
  • Liked the assistance lifts this time around, gonna be alternating box squats and regular front squats week to week.
  • Lower back feeling super tight, gonna see how it is tomorrow morning. Side effect of the squat technique getting sloppy



Ive noticed the same thing with my lifts. DE with multiple reps is not good for my technique. Maybe a :30 single for 1.5 times to get the reps and work form more.

Jeezz man these are badass…

Looks very good


Yeah, I think I would be fine with the three reps if I cut out any super set work. Gives me some wiggle room to correct anything without having to worry about rushing every minute. However, I may give the :30 single a try, see which I like better.

Going off what you said about the squats, I was thinking of just increasing the band tension for deadlifts and doing singles or doubles. At least in the future, Ill just stick to the program as written for now.


Conjugate Week 8(Phase 2)

Monday(6/11) Day 1(ME Upper)

BW: 219lbs

Main Set:

1a. Z Press
1x5(95lbs), 1x5(115lbs), 1x3(135lbs), 1x1(155lbs), 1x1(165lbs) PR
1b. Neutral Grip Pullup
1x5(BW+45lbs), 1x5(BW+70lbs), 1x5(BW+90lbs), 1x3(BW+100lbs) PR, 1x1(BW+120lbs)PR
1c. Hanging Leg Raises

Volume Set:

1a. Z Press 3x5(135lbs)
1b. Neutral Grip Pullup 3x6(BW+45lbs)
1c. Hanging Leg Raises 3x10(BW)

Assistance Set:

1a. Seated BTN Press 3x10(155lbs)
1b. Neutral Grip Incline DB 3x10(60lbs)
1c. Chest Supported Rows 3x10(60lbs)


  • Super hungover today after attending a grad party all day yesterday, got a drinking PR, drank 25 IPAs and 4 shots over the course of 7hrs. Still managed to get a good workout in
  • PRs across the board, decided to find out what my weighted chin-up PR is after being inspired by the thread.
  • Still having some trouble with the lockout of overhead movings, gonna keep hammering triceps to help with it.
  • Really like the BTN movement, hoping it will add some size to my shoulders to help build up strength as well.



Woah nice


When OHP movements are going up there is good things instore for the bench. If nothing else you will be more stable.


Thanks Man!

True. I don’t really care much for bench since I compete in strongman, but if I get it too 400 I may consider doing another powerlifting meet since o haven’t in years.


Conjugate Week 8(Phase 2)

Tuesday(6/12) Day 2(Conditioning)

5 Rounds(No Rest):

1a. 30 second Bike Sprints(Increasing Resistance each time)
1b. Waiter Walks 100yds(30lb kb)

5 Rounds(30 sec rest):

1a. Kb swingsx20(50lbs)
1b. Pullupsx5
1c. Pushupsx5


Conjugate Week 8(Phase 2)

Wednesday(6/13) Day 3(ME Lower)

Main Set:

1a. Pin Squat @ Parallel
1x5(135lbs), 1x5(225lbs), 1x5(315lbs), 1x5(365lbs), 1x3(405lbs), 1x1(455lbs), 1x1(475lbs), 1x1(500lbs)
1b. Ab Rollout
1c. Band Pullaparts
7x15(Medium Resistance)

Volume Set:

1a. Pin Squat @ Parallel 3x5(405lbs)
1b. Ab Rollout 2x5(BW)
1c. Band Pullaparts 3x15(Medium Resistance)

Assistance Set:

1a. Leg Press 3x10(570lbs)
1b. Back Extensions 3x25(BW)
1c. Hanging Leg Raises 3x10(BW)



  • Felt Really good today, went in with the determination to get 500lbs for the main set and I got it dammit. Huge boost in motivation and determination.
  • Was able to get up to 455lbs beltless and then threw it on for the rest of the squats.
  • Was absolutely fried after the last squat, truly a max effort lift. Barely managed to get through the volume work.
  • Dropped to 2x5 for the rollouts cause my core was struggling
  • Upped the weight a bit on the leg press, always do a pretty narrow stance with them, slightly wider than deadlift.
  • Back extensions felt good, helped relieve some stress from the squats.





What to say… amazing job man! Nice work!


I haven’t heard 36 Crazyfists in years…


Thanks guys!


Yeah man, decided to throw on an old lifting playlist I made a few years back and this was the song that came on during my last squat. Safe to say it did the trick


Conjugate Week 8(Phase 2)

Friday(6/15) Day 4(DE Upper)

EMOM Set 1:

1a. Bench 10x3(150lbs+80lbs Bands)
1b. Med Ball Chest Throw 10x3(15lbs)

EMOM Set 2:

1a. Clean and Press 10x3(90lbs)
1b. Pullups 10x5(BW)

Assistance Set:

1a. DB Bench 3x8(100lbs)
1b. Preacher Curl 3x15(75lbs)
1c. Dips 3x15(BW)


  • Decided to do Clean and Press instead of pressing with bands for the meantime with overhead. Bands never felt right no matter how I set it up, always felt like one side was getting worked more than the other.
  • Once I buy a better set of bands Ill change it back, see if there is still an issue



Conjugate Week 8(Phase 2)

Saturday(6/16) Day 5(DE Lower)

EMOM Set 1:

1.Squats 10x3(205 + 120lbs Bands)

EMOM Set 2:

1a. Deadlifts 10x1(265lbs + 100lbs bands)
1b. KB Swings 10x10(45lbs)

Assistance Set:

1a. Leg Press 3x1min(370lbs, 390lbs, 410lbs)
1b. Leg Curl 3x8(190lbs)
1c. Stein(KB) Hold 3x25sec,32sec,24sec(25lbs)


  • Felt alot better this week on the DE effort lifts for today
  • Just doing the squats for the first group gave me enough time to make sure each set was perfect, speed got slightly better even set to set.
  • Switched between high bar and low bar, half and half
  • Just did singles on the deads, got perfect form and speed each set.
  • Super set with KB swings cause there was alot of down time inbetween doing singles
  • Remembered the Leg presses for time from my previous 5/3/1 strongman routine, so I added those in since I love/hate them so much.
  • Stein hold is one of the events for my next comp and I suck at it so I figured Im gonna start working on it week to week. Comp Weight is 50lbs so by the end of this I am hoping to work up to at least 60lbs So I dont have to worry. Got a little over 2months so Im not worried.



Very nice. I get so many ideas from your log.