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You're A Strongman Camko (Hogwarts Gym of Liftcraft and F*ckery)



damn you’re strong, great job Cam


haha thank you mort! Im just waiting for the day that I can strict press that


Conjugate Week 6

Wednesday(5/30) Day 2(ME Lower)

Main Set:

1a. Kb Swings 5x15(40lbs)
1b. Pause Front Squat
1x5(135lbs), 1x5(185lbs), 1x5(225lbs), 1x3(275lbs), 1x3(295lbs), 1x1,fail 2nd(315lbs)
1c. Rowing Ergometer 5x200m

Volume Set:

1a. Kb Swings 3x15(40lbs)
1b. Pause Front Squat 3x5(230lbs)
1c. Rowing Ergometer 3x200m

Assistance Set:

1a. Back Squat 1x20(230lbs)
1b. Leg Curls 2x10(170lbs)
1c. Back Extension 2x35,30(BW)


  • Was pissed that I let myself go to failure on the last set, 295lbs was fast so I thought I had it. I think it I messed up on the technique somewhere, cause the first 315 rep flew up after the pause, then the second rep I was just stuck at teh bottom couldnt even move it an inch after the pause.
  • All sets done beltless, clean grip, A2G
  • dropped down to 230lbs after and couldnt get back in the right groove so I just stuck with sets of 5 instead of one amrap.
  • To punish myself for the failure, I did a set of 20 back squats at 230lbs. Got me back in the right mindset to finish the workout. Was absolute death tho.



Conjugate Week 6

Saturday(6/02) Day 3(DE Upper)

EMOM Set 1:

1a. Banded Bench 10x3(205lbs+Bands)
1b. Seated Cable Rows 10x12(160lbs)

EMOM Set 2:

1a. Strict Overhead 10x3(135lbs)
1b. Band Pull aparts 10x10(Medium Resistance)

Assistance Set:

1a. Dips 3x21,16,16(BW)
1b. Hammer Curls 3x12(50lbs)
1c. Lat Raises 3x15(20lbs)


  • Good to be back on the dynamic effort grind, workout felt great today, Bench superset was killer so I opted out of using bands for the overhead. For safety.
  • Paused every rep on bench for one count before exploding up. Speed stayed with me till the last 2 sets, where the fatigue finally caught up to me. Still put in my best effort
  • Added 10lbs to the overhead work to compensate for the lack of bands. Weight is going up alot faster than it has in the past, good progress.
  • Was able to add 3 reps to the total volume of the amrap dip sets.



Sounds like you are building for a big pr jump. How are you setting up the bands?


Kind of, yeah. I havent maxed out my bench since last November and I got 330lbs which was huge for me at the time. Im really curious to see how much it has gone up since then considering I have been mainly focusing on overhead pressing strength. Also I wanna do it paused, so Im gonna be working on that for the next 6 weeks of the cycle.

As for the bands, I just wrap em around a 100lb dumbell on either side of the bench. Get between 40-50lbs resistance from each. Gonna try to figure out exactly how much tomorrow. Gonna start with a 60lb dumbell and work my way down till they eventually lift from the ground which will give me a pretty accurate idea of the tension.


Sounds like how we do it too. We gauge the band tension by how it moves a DB too…:joy:. Here’s to a near 400 bench :beers:


Prost! Ill drink to that haha If I get 350lbs Ill be happy, 365lbs and Ill post a strip tease on here


Conjugate Week 7(Phase 2)

This is the start of the Second Phase of this conjugate cycle, gonna last 6 weeks like the first one. Everything is the same except I will be working up to a 1rm on ME days and dropping back the DE days to 40%.

Monday(6/04) Day 1(ME Upper)

Main Set:

1a. Floor Press
1x5(135lbs), 1x5(185), 1x5(225lbs), 1x3(275lbs), 1x1(295lbs), 1x1(315lbs), 1x1(330lbs)
1b. Barbell Row
1c. Hanging Leg Raises

Volume Set:

1a. Floor Press 3x6,5,5(260lbs)
1b. Pendlay Row 3x8(225lbs)
1c. Hanging Leg Raises 3x8(BW)

Assistance Set:

1a. Seated BNP 3x10(135lbs)
1b. Preacher Curls 3x15(75lbs)
1c. Tricep Rope Pushdowns 3x15(95lbs)


  • Excited for this next phase of the conjugate program, first day is off to a good start.
  • 330lbs is my previous Bench max from last november, being able to get that on the floor press is a good sign
  • Slight pause on the bottom of the press, 1/2-1 count
  • Decided im gonna be using the same variations as Phase one, see how I progress.



Yes it is. Floor press is 80-90% of Bench max. If that number (from uncle Louie) is true then you are a 366-412 bencher now.


Don’t do it. Mix it up brother…
Advanced lifters mix it up every week. Novices and intermediates every three.

Trust the process mix it up. You can run accessories 3-9 weeks but main variations should be swapped out at least every 3. Move hand positions pin heights, bar type, get some sort of variation to escape law of adaptation in the training.


haha trust me I am still way off from a 400+ Bench, but I do think a 360lb bench is possible so thats good news!

Thanks for the info, it seems like youve done more research on conjugate then I have so ill take your word for it and continue different variations.


Incline close grip bench, close grip, board press (5,4,3,2,1), reverse band (future method), pin press.
Axel bench, multi grip (football bar), cambered bar, bent bar, paused, spoto, close grip floor press, wide grip floor press, band bench, chains…

Tons of variations to use.

The tip is close grip builds wide.


Conjugate Week 7(Phase 2)

Tuesday(6/05) Day 2(Conditioning Day)

Warm Up:

  • Dynamic Stretching
  • 10min Bike


5 Rounds(30sec Rest)

1a. 10 Dips
1b. 10 Pullups
1c. Farmer Sprints(100lbs/ea, 100ft)


  • 1000m Row(Steady Pace)
  • Foam Rolling/Static Stretching


Conjugate Week 7(Phase 2)

Wednesday(6/06) Day 3(ME Lower)

Main Set:

1a. KB Swings 7x12(40lbs)
1b. Rack Pull @ Knee
1x5(135lbs), 1x5(225lbs), 1x5(315lbs), 1x5(405lbs), 1x3(500lbs), 1x1(550lbs), 1x1(585lbs), 1x1(635lbs)
1c. Planks 7x1min(BW)

Volume Set:

1a. KB Swings 3x12(40lbs)
1b. Rack Pull @ Knee 3x8,5,5(505lbs)
1c. RKC Planks 3x15-30sec(BW)

Assistance Set:

1a. Leg Press 3x12(530lbs)
1b. Pull Throughs 3x12(80lbs)
1c. KB Clean & Front Squat 3x12(45lbs/ea)

Video of Rack Pull(Last Set):


  • So this deadlift variation is at my weakeast point during the lift, so since I was able to get 635lbs(little sloppy, but felt good afterwords, huge PR) shows that I am moving in the right direction despite losing some weight.
  • Almost passed out after that one, which is why I stay holding onto the bar for the 10 seconds after I finished the lift
  • Volume work was killer, dogging it after the main set, but got it done
  • All lifts performed strapless and beltless until 585lbs
  • Still need to work on glute activation during the lockout, so I will be adding pullthroughs and hip thrusters into the assistance lifts to help with this.



Wow! Super job man.


Nice stuff in here. That belt looks tight!


It was a little too tight haha, but I didnt feel like readjusting it at the time so I just went with it.


Conjugate Week 7(Phase 2)

Friday(6/08) Day 4(DE Upper)

EMOM Set 1:

1a. Bench Press 10x3(135lbs+80lbs Bands)
1b. Band Pull Aparts 10x10(Heavy Resistance)

EMOM Set 2:

1a. Overhead Press 10x3(85lbs+60lbs Bands)
1b. Med Ball Slams 10x3(15lbs)

Assistance Set:

1a. Dips 3x26,18,15(BW)
1b. Hammer Curls 3x15(50lbs)
1c. Lat Raises 3x12(20lbs)


  • Starting back over at 40% for the dynamic work, using the same bands as I did the first phase.
  • Measured out the resistance at the top for the bands, noted it in the workout.
  • Speed has definitely improved overall from the first week of this program to this week
  • Same assistance as last week, reps rising up. Trying to hit 40rep BW dips in the near future



Nice workout man!