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You're A Strongman Camko (Hogwarts Gym of Liftcraft and F*ckery)



Conjugate Week 4

Monday(5/14) Day 1(ME Upper)

Main Set:

1a. Neutral Fat Grip Pullups 5x8(BW+35lbs)
1b. Pin Press @ Forehead 1x5(95lbs), 1x5(115lbs), 1x5(135lbs), 1x3(175lbs), 1x3(185lbs)
1c. Ab Rollouts 5x6(BW)

Volume Set:

1a. Neutral Fat Grip Pullups 3x8(BW+35lbs)
1b. Pin Press @ Forehead 3x8,5,5(150lbs)
1c. Ab Rollouts 3x6(BW)

Assistance Set:

1a. Dips 3x10(BW+50lbs)
1b. Dumbell Overhead Press 3x10(50lbs)
1c. Lateral Raise 3x15(20lbs)


  • My weak point in the overhead is the top of the head so I decided to do pin presses today to help address that
  • Was happy with my 185lb 3rm, last rep was a grinder the last 5inches or so, but I locked it out in the end.
  • Ab rollouts are hard, need to work on my core strength overall, gonna start doing some hard core exercises twice a week now to help this.
  • Choose the assistance exercises to help my overhead specifically



So what is your thoughts about conjugate this far?


I cant really say too much at the moment, as I haven’t finished a full cycle on it yet/havent tested any maxes. However, I do really like this style of training, more so than 5/3/1 at the moment. I also believe that I am getting stronger, despite losing some weight at the same time. My conditioning has definitely improved a lot in this short time frame, from both the weight loss and the EMOM sets. Gonna do 3 more weeks of 3RM and then move on to another 6 Weeks of 1RM on ME Days. When Im doing my 1RM variations I can give you a better answer on how well its working. Overall, Its all looking positive thus far.


One thing I forgot to mention, on my 1RM cycle Im gonna be running the ME days Monday and Wednesday instead of Monday/Tuesday like Im doing now. I always feel like I have been hit by a truck on Wednesdays. Im able to recover by the end of my DE Days, but I Think taking a day inbetween the ME Days is the best way to go.


This is my concern with darkhorse. It maxes every day for 4 weeks…


True, Darkhorse is a whole nother beast. Both Brians conjugate and Darkhorse program are good in the sense that since the percentages are based on whatever your max is for that day, you can run them a little longer without a deload since the volume work would naturally be cut down if you are having some bad days, allowing for more recovery while running the program while still putting in your best effort.


This, is what I think is good autoregulation. You don’t have to do 5 reps with some weight you can’t do. On the other hand if it’s a good day it could be a bit more than you thought.

Nice lifts there Camko 185 x 3 pin press is awesome.


Exactly, one of my favorite aspects of the program.

Thank you! I was happy with it, 185lbs is my 3RM strict press so I was glad I was able to match it with the Pin Press at my weak point


Conjugate Week 4

Tuesday(5/15) Day 2(ME Lower)

Main Set:

1a. Kb Swings 3x10(53lbs)
1b. Axle Back Squat 1x5(120lbs), 1x5(210lbs), 1x5(300lbs), 1x3(350lbs), 1x3(405lbs)

Volume Set:

1a. Kb Swings 3x10(53lbs)
1b. Axle Back Squat 3x5(325lbs)

Assistance Set:

1a. Kb Swings 3x10(53lbs)
1b. SSB Squats 3x8(265lbs)
1c. GHR 3x10(BW)


  • Easily had 2 more reps in the tank for the 405lb squat, but the gym was hot as hell and I felt like I was gonna pass out so I opted not to go up in weight. Still happy with the 405, never even did that for 3 before.
  • KB Swings across the board, just because I love KB Swings
  • Last workout for the week, leaving for Florida tomorrow and coming back Monday morning.



Nice workout! Enjoy Florida! Vacation?


You bet :)! Surprise trip for a friend who just finished grad school, gonna be a good time.


Well you work super hard, enjoy your vacation!


Conjugate Week 5

Tuesday(5/22) Day 1(ME Upper)

Main Set:

1a. DB Rows 5x10(100lbs)
1b. Incline Bench 1x5(135lbs), 1x5(185lbs), 1x3(205lbs), 1x3(225lbs), 1x3(245lbs)
1c. Rowing Ergometer 5x250m(Sub 1min)

Volume Set:

1a. DB Rows 3x10(100lbs)
1b. Incline Bench 3x8,5,5(200lbs)
1c. Rowing Ergometer 3x250m(Sub 1min)

Assistance Set:

1a. Dips 3x20,15,15(BW)
1b. Cable Rope Curl 3x12(55lbs)
1c. Facepulls 3x12(55lbs)


  • Had an alright training day, definitely could have done more, but Im still physically and mentally drained from the vacation. But thats what happens when you spend 4 days drinking from 10am-1/3am.
  • Needed Monday as a recovery day, was feeling antsy today, felt good to put some weight up. May not have been the best work, but it was hard work.
  • Incline as a variation today, when I start my hypertrophy training after this 12 week cycle I will be doing incline benching one day a week and close grip flat another day, all to help improve my overhead press. Gonna stay away from the traditional flat bench for a while
  • Assistance work for weakpoints and pump. Dips were AMRAP trying to get my BW Dip rep count up.
  • Going away again this upcoming long weekend, so Im gonna be packing all my training days in a row Tue-Fri. Should be a good time.



Conjugate Week 5

Wednesday(5/23) Day 2(ME Lower)

Main Set:

1a. Box Jumps 7x5(BW)
1b. 2" Deficit Deadlifts
1x5(135lbs), 1x5(225lbs), 1x5(315lbs), 1x5(405lbs), 1x3(455lbs), 1x3(500lbs), 1x3(520lbs)
1c. Ab Rollouts 7x8(BW)

Volume Set:

1a. Box Jumps 3x3(BW)
1b. 2" Deficit Deadlifts 3x8,5,5(405lbs)
1c. Hanging Leg Raises 3x10(BW)

Assistance Set:

1a. Pause Front Squats 3x6(225lbs)
1b. Good Mornings 3x8(225lbs)
1c. Leg Press 3x15(480lbs)


  • All deadlifts were done on a Stiff Bar, beltless and strapless until 500lbs.
  • Was happy with how the main lift turned out today, my previous 3rm was 560lbs for 3 on a deadlift bar. So the fact that I was able to get 520lbs with a deficit and stiff bar are signs of improvement in my opinion.
  • Even better was that form did not break down on the last set.
  • Just a 3 count pause, beltless, for the front squats.



Nice workout! Glad you had fun in Florida…and enjoy another fun long weekend!


Thanks lee! Gonna be living like a hermit after this haha, spending too much money. worth it tho.


Nothing wrong with enjoying life! Fun memories mean a lot!


Heavy ass assistance man! Go big or go home!


Hell yeah! I was shooting for 8 and 10 with the front squat and GM, but the main set drained me more than I thought. So i decided to keep the same weight and just get the rep work done on the leg press