You're a Girl. Girls Shouldn't Lift Heavy!

Hey Belini - after reading about your foot problems on my thread, I thought you might find this interesting:

My physio told me to wear shoes with good arch support. I actually did the opposite and have been wearing Chucks for most thing and actually, my foot is less painful that way. I should add that I always walk around in bare feet at home anyway, but my feet seem to be happier for it.

Thanks Cal, will take a look.

Does anyone eat apples? I just got some odd looks because I eat the whole apple including the core. Didnt realise I was the only one around who does it.

[quote]Belini wrote:
Need some help. My body fat is quite high and I would like to see it go down to a healthy number, not fussed about what I “weigh” per se. After reading some articles, I see full body workouts are the way to go for fat loss and muscle maintenance. But I REALLY want to do the 5/3/1 program alot of the ladies are doing on here.
So I’m confused. Please help.

i just deleted a really bitchy post to say this:

go read the logs. see for yourself. u said uve been lurking. what have u been doing?

Yes but I have a substantial amount of body fat to lose. Most if not all of you are very fit.

Be a bitch, doesnt bother me. Might smack some sense into me.

But what I did learn while lurking were some really useful acronyms


I’m incorporating them into my dialogue.

??? Interesting. How long have you been “lurking” on these boards?

You have a very interesting collection of knowledge and questions. You know all about slow-burning carbs, HIIT, measuring food, and yet the way you put it together is erratic. You’ve been exercising for a while and yet you mention that beach volley ball hurts your legs as if extra exercise hurting is a new thing…?

You also mention that you have trouble taking weights off of the squat rack. How do you squat it if you can’t lift it?

Maybe I’m just being paranoid but this all seems a little off…

Yes it is erratic but I never said I was perfect and I’m not trying to be. Just want to eat enough to have enough energy to lift. I lost weight on a low calorie diet but I wasnt dedicated to lifting heavy then.

Yup beach volleyball hurts my legs, I have an ankle injury I sustained a year or so ago that flares up when I use my legs too much but I like playing out in the sun and it adds variety to my cardio.

Who said I squatted what I was trying to take off? The guys who squat before me load the squat rack up to over 350 pounds and its always too high and I can only squat 50-70 pounds max so I need one of the guys at times to help me unload it for me to then load up what I use.

What seems off to you? Yes I would say you are being paranoid but I dont mind answering your questions, anything else? :slight_smile:

[quote]Belini wrote:
Yes but I have a substantial amount of body fat to lose. Most if not all of you are very fit.

Be a bitch, doesnt bother me. Might smack some sense into me.

Not everyone can fit into size 4 jeans. I have a lot of junk in my trunk - you’re not alone.
Having said that, making weight loss your primary goal is, in my mind, a bit of a mistake. Dieting, if you are prone to fat storage, is a ghastly, soul-destroying process - if you are one of life’s hard losers then lack of progress can be very demotivating and the tendency to eat stuff you shouldn’t and then be swallowed up by self-loathing is not healthy.

Make getting stronger your primary goal and you will always be motivated to better yourself (and if one lift stalls, others can keep improving). And you may get leaner as a side of that.

I spent about 20 years trying to lose fat and gain muscle and achieving very little of either. Don’t make that mistake.

Thanks for the wise words of wisdom Cal and you are very correct

Training today

Warmup - Jump rope and stretching

Bench Press

10 x bar warmpup
10 x 44 pounds
7 x 60 pounds
4 x 65 pounds ( spot)

Single Arm DB row

25 pounds warmup
30 x 12
35 x 10
40 x 6
40 x 3

DB pullover ( chest emphasis)

25 pounds warmup
30 x 10
35 x 7
40 x 3 ( was feeling it in the tri’s , need to check form)

Negative Chin ups (3x6) superset with negative push ups (3x6) â?? started at the top position and counted to ten and lowered myself to the floor. Back straight, pelvis tucked in. Knees couldnt touch the floor before my chest.

Hypers 3x10

Hanging leg raises superset with Ab Wheel rollout
3 x 15

Food - Spanish egg omellete consisting of sliced olives, sundried tomatoes, onions, fresh chillies, low fat fetta cheese, spinich and pumpkin.

Good for you rowing the 40. That is not easy.

On your bench, are you including the bar in your weights? (Just saying as an Olympic bar weights 20kg or 44-45lbs on its own - other types of bars are lighter but still substantial).
When I say I’ve benched 60kg, that’s the oly bar plus two 20kg plates.

Yeah I am including the bar but the bar at my gym isnt an Oly bar, it’s too light to be an Oly bar. I guestimate it to be about 10 kilos. I’m just piss weak with my bench.

I’m with u extra. I include the bar too and I’m also piss weak. It’s not an Olympic bar but close to it

I was naughty tonight, after work some colleagues and I went to a chocolate cafe called Max Brenner. do you guys have that in the US? I had a belgium waffle with chocolate and vanilla bean icecream with chocolate and caramel sauce. It was so good my teeth still hurt! But it was orgasmic. Very much worth it.

if the chocolate is orgasmic, i’d be very interested to know what kind of sex you’ve been having.


Chocolate has never come close to orgasm for me. actually, nothing has.

ok. Assumes the accent and mannerisms of Linda Richman

Chocolate- neither sex, nor orgasm… discuss.

/Linda Richman

Just caught up on your log…yeah, fuck douchebag guys, specifically the one who said that. They are the guys who think skinny celebrity chicks are hot and watch crappy staged pornstar porn (amateur is better)…anyhoo, a bit off topic…

cbear is right when she says there is a lot of information floating around that you can research on your own. I find that the most successful people at whatever goal, fitness or not, are those who take the time to plan it, learn about, and do it themselves. HOWEVER, I say that after having asked a lot of questions myself os you are not alone.

As far as fat loss goes, you are not going to get the perfect easy answer everyone wants…kinda like those new shoes they are marketing for all the lazy ass bitches out there that “work your hamstrings and calves 11% more than just walking!” (read in stupid girl voice). Everyone wants to make something that is hard and sucks and if done properly takes a fair amount of time easy. Well it really isn’t but you can definitely accomplish it.
Congrats on losing 60 lbs so far…that’s really admirable. I guess before I start saying things you already know, how did you go about starting to lose the weight? Did you do a diet plan, a severe diet, or did you just make lifestyle changes?

For me, this is what I have learned. Fat loss takes time. It can start happening just in the basic lifestyle changes (ie, eating better, eating more, eating more frequently, and getting in the gym and trianing hard). However, notice it is 3/4 about eating. When I get to a place where these things are happening and want to take it further, then I start tweaking to a specific diet and training plan. But training is not where fat loss is gonna happen…its diet. Now believe me when I say I love me some cheat food (thank you for referencing my cookie weakness!) and staying diligent on a strict meal plan is tough. However, I really think conquering just learning how to eat is the first step. Once I got my head wrapped around that, my body composition started changing. Now I am at a place where I can implement a specific diet ideology (anabolic diet) into my plan and use it as a fat loss tool, almost a year after I started. But I am not doing it in the way many figure girls or BBs do it for comp, where they lose a ton of weight, lean out, “perform”, and then gain a lot of it back plus some. It will take a lot of time for it to be stable fat loss (note not weight loss), and while I set time markers (my birthday in late Feb), that is just to see where I am at by then and evaluate. My point is that there is no perfect way for anyone to do this. It is all trial and error. But most of all it is time. And seriously, fuck time. But it is just the deal.

Do 5/3/1. There is no reason not to. Just do it hard and do it smart. And do cardio if you want. But if you are relying on cardio for fat loss, you better plan on 4Xs what you are doing now or even think it will take. When you mention full body workouts, I assume you are referring to circuit training? Not sure. My take on circuit is that it does keep the heart rate up over the period of time, but it mostly just accommodates to a lower cal diet. I don’t really think it is conducive to getting strong, but others may disagree. I suppose it all just depends on your goal. Just be consistent with your training, get your eating plan straight, and things will happen…not immediately, but they will. Patience is the most important skill I have had to learn when making this a lifestyle. And unfortunately, the chocolate and the cookies (boo) are not part of the plan. Fat loss and sweets = never going to happen.

Sorry I just rambled your fucking ears (eyes) off. I have a habit of doing this…Can’t. Stop. Typing.

BTW, what the fuck is FTW?

For the Win!

Actually I’m not sure what PIIHP is - put it in her pussy?

God forgive me for knowing this.

Hey Belini! I’m somehat new here as well but long time lurker, just wanted to say welcome! I’m interested in 5/3/1 too, there’s an article on the main site about it. Good luck and look forward to following your progress.

How much more are you looking to lose?