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Your Yates Inspired Program - No Pre Exhaust on Press Days?


In your Dorian Yates inspired program, pre exhaust movements are done before the bigger stuff on leg and back days, however not done (nor have I seen Yates do it) on pressing days.

Is there a reason for this? Personal preference or am I missing somthing which makes it less effective ?

Thanks CT

Honestly I couldn’t give you an answer as I simply used Dorian’s template. The way I see it is that it might be because pre-exhausting pressing muscles might increase the risk of injuries. Or maybe he personally never felt the need to do it.

I’ve watched an interview with Yates a while back, he said he never pre-exhausted the chest since he never found the proper exercise to isolate them as much as pullover in case of lats (going heavy on flyes first put more strain on his biceps and delts than chest). On shoulders he said theres nothing wrong doing the laterals first and pressing second, its up to personal reference. So basically as CT said :slight_smile:

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Is this one of his paid programs?

No it’s an article from my personal site

Ah ok- thanks