Your Workout Music

I did a quick site search,i couldnt find a thread like it,so here goes:

Whats the music you listen to when your doing your workout?
What song gets you physced etc.

you can complain about the music in your gym or whatever.

I like a bit of creed myself,my own prision wins hands down for me!

I used to despise working out without music, but when I did a year of cross-country last school year, I learned to do without.

Now that I dropped CX and lift weights now, I prefer to not have music. Running for 70-80 minutes by yourself with no sound but the wind has its benefits when you stop doing it. You don’t need any outlet but your own mind.

asides from amping you up it has the benefit of shouting out the people that talk loudly and laugh loudly even if they are serious lifters when its time for your set, although i belong to a serious gym many of the older guys talk loud and frequently about their lives which is not what i want when im lifting,

but i am a big fan of
the ghost inside pre lifting as well as virtuoso and blood for blod there intros where they just shout here we go really get u ready for pre lift

droid, emmure, it dies today and stick to your guns are probably my most frequented for while lifting o and devil driver just picked up their new cd today its pretty great :)also check out war froma harlots mouth

When lifting I listen whatever I get on the radio at the time.
During cardio I prefer no music and use it as a form of meditative movement.

Recently i found the band Nonpoint. Ive never heard of them before so idk how popular they are, theyre a metal/rock band. Their songs get me pumped and IMO are perfect for working out. Some of their songs are “take me to the pain” “endure” “bullet with a name” “Broken bones”

peter paul and mary

it’s something along these lines :smiley:

off the top of my head
cavalera conspiracy
6 feet under
Rotting christ
Lamb of God

jimmy eat world

i was spinning free whooaaaaoaoaoaoo


Okay couldn’t say that with a straight face…

For lifting, Slayer, Sepultura, Clawfinger, sometimes Amon Amarth, Rammstein, Disturbed, Godsmack. For cardio, I strictly use Hammerfall, Sabaton and other “faster” music. Oh, and of course Hell’s March.

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it’s something along these lines :D[/quote]


she’s so fucking hot.

i listen to the homo shit my gym plays, which always seems to be a Lady Gaga song…yeah.

i need to buy a new mp3 player lol

last time i actually wore headphones to the gym, i got like 4 extra reps on my deadlift listening to this

something like this is more up my alley now though

I just put my player on shuffle and just skip songs that i’m not feeling at the moment.

*  Black Label Society (House of Doom/Fire it up/Suicide Messiah)
* Black Sabbath (Crazy Train/Ironman/Sweet Leaf/ War Pigs)
* BoneCrusher (Come On/Take Your Clothes Off)
* Breaking Benjamin (Blow me away/Diary of Jane/Until the end/So cold/ Follow Me/ Break my fall)
* Bullet For My Valentine (Crazy Train/ Scream Aim Fire)
* Chronic Future (Time and time again)
* Coal Chamber (Loco/Sway)
* Dark Tranquility (White noise black silence)
* Demon Hunter (Not ready to die/ I play dead)
* Devil Driver
* Dethklok
* Drowning Pool (Killin Me/ Step Up/ Sinner/ Bodies)
* Electric Wizard (I, The Witchfinder/ We Live)
* Fear Factory
* Five Finger Death Punch
* Fozzy (The Test/ Nameless/ Balls To The Wall)
* Godsmack
* Hatebreed
* Hollywood Undead (Undead/ No. 5)
* Hurt (Rapture)
* Judas Priest (All Guns Blazing/ Heavy Metal)
* Killswitch Engage (Rise Inside/ My Curse/ Holy Diver)
* Korn
* Lamb Of God
* Marilyn Manson
* Megadeth
* Metallica
* Mortician (Chainsaw Dismemberment)
* Mortification (Livin' like a zombie)
* Montley Crue (Dr Feelgood/ Saints of Los Angeles/ Mother****er of the year/ Kick start my heart/ Wil
* Motorhead (Fight/ Hellraiser/ The Game)
* MuDvAyNe
* Murderdolls
* Mushroomhead (Before I die/ Xeroxed / Never let it go/ Kill tomorrow)
* Necrophobic (I strike with wrath)
* Pantera
* Rob Zombie
* Scum of the earth
* Six Feet Under
* Slipknot (All their old albums)
* Soilwork (Song of the damned/ Weapon of Vanity)
* SpineShank
* Trapt (Headstrong)
* Van Halen (Unchained/ Panama)
* Waking The Cadaver
* 3 Inches of Blood

meshuggah ftw

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meshuggah ftw[/quote]

right on brother
the greatest video ever

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meshuggah ftw[/quote]

Because no matter how much you lift, it’ll never be as heavy as that crushing guitar tone.

2nd greatest video ever