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Your Weekly Dosage and Results?

For those of you that are on testosterone injections only/no HCG (or were at some point), I’m just curious…

What is your weekly dose, your shot frequency, IM/SubQ and also where this puts your TT and FreeT #s.

Also, what TT and FT #s make you FEEL your best?

Just trying to get as much info as i can, before i start my own shots.


65mg twice a week (130mg weekly)
TT - 1500 (trough)
FT - 28
Sub Q

I appear to by a hyper responder.

120mg week…60mg E3.5D
Shallow IM- 27g 1/2” insulin needle
Total T last labs 878 ng/dL trough
Free T 31.1 ng/dL trough
SHBG- 32
E2- 43

Feel very good on this protocol.

56mg 2x a week sub q. Total 112 mg


Tota t 726
Free t 21.2 (6.8-21.5)
Tsh 2.82
Free t3 3.0
Free t4 1.13
Estradiol 39.5

Glucose 78
Hct 46.4
Hgb 15.7

That dna report I did. I am a slow metabolizer of caffeine and other compounds. Amazingly true because all my life if I drink coffee after 9am I can’t sleep that night. ! I rarely have coffee.

does that mean you feel the effects of caffeine or you dont? Was that Dr. Patrick’s or Promethease? You just answered the former. So I think I am on the opposite side so a hypermetabolizer. I can have a cup of coffee at 8pm and go to bed at 9:30 and fall right to sleep.


Dr Patrick. I wonder maybe the correct terminology is slow metabolizer not hyperesponder to testosterone

I just looked at my report and its the same finding as yours. I wonder if mine might be adrenal related. Unsure.

200mg/week total
28.6mg daily IM
2000 - total T
36 - free T
80 - E2
12 in - Penis

Livin my best life


You forgot the decimal in one of those :wink:


Protocol up until this past Monday.

154mg T / week (22mg daily subq)
Total T in the high 600’s
Free T 25
E2 28

Just changed to 182mg / week (26mg daily subq). I’ll let you know in 8 weeks how I feel on this protocol. I’ll post the resultant levels of this in 6 months if the protocol seems to be working better at the 8 week mark.

I’m glad for you that your genie wasn’t hard of hearing, and you didn’t wind up with a 12 inch Pianist!!

I wasn’t so lucky. That little fucker never stops playing! Lmao!!

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What is your SHBG?
You needed TT 2000 to reach 36 FT ?

SHBG is 39.9
Remember I’m doing daily shots here.

Once a week, 200mg.

Total test 880-920 (250-1100)
Free test 200-270 (35-155)

Feel great at these levels. Remember, there is a wide range of results to TRT and everyone is different. Once weekly dosing is in the minority on this forum.

Are those trough numbers?

50mg x2 each week
Trough Free T - 36 nmol/L (18 - 54)

70 mg TE every 4 days (122.5 mg a week)
TT 926
FT 23.2

Of course.