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Your Way of Dealing With Stress?


Have you tried not doing all the stuff you were doing? You know, like conjuring weird ass shit to drink with boiled bananas and such.
A lot of herbs mess with liver function. They are powerful medicine, but when used improperly can be dangerous.


Sorry to hear that, go and do the tests doc said, of corse you’ll be fine and soon but do not waste any other time…


I think on jaudince or however it’s spelled when your skin turns yellow because of liver damage.


I know.

BTW what is the cause of your stress?


I’m waiting to your next post to tell me you already visited doc, go do the damn tests, really are you serious, do not play with health issues!!!
Go do them go do them, why do you procrastinate???

I’m so stressed cause I want my training to give results, I want to lift more;in addition I want to graduate soon as I have some things I want to do with my life and had enough of uni life…
I mean it was great, but I want to go further.


I’m not waiting on purpose, the fact is, in my country you have to wait a lot for pretty much anything, changes also happen often, and on and on… so I’m only waiting because I have to.

I had a period when I was like that too, but after a while it faded so I kinda started to go to gym more because it’s fun to me. Everyone has their own reasons.

That is an awesome goal to have! I also hope it comes true to you as soon as possible. :slight_smile:
Can I ask what are you studying? (I mean, electronics, social science, engineering, math…)


Tell me where do you live again?
Yeah, I understand, pretty much in Greece if you want public doc or hospital you wait a lot or maybe they even do not help, so you go to a private you pay your ass and you actually receive some decent care… Sad but true it is…
Yeah, I also have fun and enjoy my training and I’m trying to deal with the fact that I want to push results, but like always I have these little thoughts, that I’m trying to control and so this situation goes on…
Thanks so much you’re so kind!
I study the law, in Athens.
And you ?


There are so many ways to relieve stress like :

  • Meditate. A few minutes of practice per day can help ease anxiety.
  • Breathe Deeply. Take a 5-10 minutes of break and focus on your breathing.
  • Be Present. Slow down.
  • Reach Out.
  • Tune In to Your Body.
  • Limit Internet and cellphone use.
  • Eat Healthy Foods.


Buy toilet paper and paper towels at Sams Club. No matter what else is hitting the fan, I know I’m at least 3 months away from running out of those things and it’s a weight off my mind.


polo, thank you. And for your insights about the stoics. It sounds simple but it’s quite profound, and it involves self-mastery.

For me, a lot of things come down to pride, but that’s another topic. I think a lot of our problems come from undertaking to cover sins, or hide or rationalize our flaws, or gratify our own pride. When we’re irritated at something, it’s often our own fault, either because someone said something critical that has a grain of truth which makes us defensive, or because it’s our own flaws, or lack of self-control or awareness that allow us to be irritated or offended in the first place.

BTW, I sometimes feel better when I call out the little sissies here, but I suspect someone like @usmccds423 would go hit a PR in the gym that day just to spite me, and we can’t have that. Lol. He’d probably pay to have someone stand there and call him a sissy while he trains, which takes all the fun out of a good insult. Teasing you, Eve.

@Dr_J2, thanks for the recommendation. I’ll look for the podcast. I’m really interested in the topic, and the uptick of anxiety and depression worries me.

For sure! Have a nice vacation and I hope you enjoy the book.


polo, about the Stoics and my previous post about pride. A couple of examples of what I’m talking about when I’m talking about covering our own flaws, or lying to ourselves.

It’s 2:00 am and you hear the baby crying. You think, “I should get up and get him.” But you don’t, instead you lay there and wait for your wife to wake up. You become increasingly irritated that she’s not waking up. You have to get up earlier for work after all, and you’re probably going to have to hand him off to her anyway to feed him. Now you’re feeling more and more irritated with her, and self-righteous about your decision to stay in bed. And you’re telling yourself that you’re in the right, and blaming her for not getting up. So, pretty soon you’re elbowing her and saying, “Can’t you hear him!!” If you were a good stoic, you’d just get up and do the right thing without complaint. End of story. You don’t need to lie to yourself about how you’re in the right while you take the lazy path and blame the wife.

Or, your kid wants help with his math homework, and you’re watching the football game. You know you should just get up and go help them. Instead, you get mad and tell him that he should have started earlier, it’s his fault of putting it off. And he must not be paying attention during class or he’d know how to do the homework. Really, you’re just ticked because you know you should help him, but you don’t want to be inconvenienced. So, you cause your own stress and anger and feel self-righteous about it, and can put the blame on the kid.

Or you’re on your way to work and some little old lady is driving 10 miles an hour in front of you. You’re getting all irritated and loosing your patience. Really, she’s just doing her thing and it has nothing to do with you. It’s your own fault for not planning for some lights or slow drivers, or at least you shouldn’t be getting mad at life’s petty little problems. In the scheme of things, it’s not personal and these petty little problems have zero real impact o on your life, but you’re getting stressed and that’s your own fault for letting yourself get worked up over nothing.

These kinds of things.


I live in Croatia. And yeah, situation with healthcare is pretty much same like Greece.

And you are really kind too. Honestly you are the person I talk to the most here.

I am electrician, but I currenly work as promoter. This job is easy. I just talk to people for my whole shift. Or talk to my coworkers. I don’t work lots of hours either, and is paid well. Biggest plus is that I am free during working days.
I will probably go to university soon. I am saving money for it. I am still not sure what uni I will go or what will I study. Kineziology sounds fun to me though.


I mentioned it in another post, Europe deliberately is facing those kind of problems.
Thank you, me too as far as it concerns who am I talking to, and thank you for all the useful information you’ve already provided me since I joined here!!!
I’d enjoy talking all the time too, haha like public relations your job sounds, that’s good and its nice to hear you enjoy your current job, and what a coincidence, I’d like to start up another uni study when I finish law school, and kinesiology or physical education are among my top choices so far!


Hahahaha don’t worry dear, called him a sissy cause earlier that day we’d exchanged some comments in another post, so I thought that he deliberately commented again, if this is not the case of corse I take it back and it was my fault jumping to conclusions :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::joy::joy:


A stoic wouldn’t take to lying to themselves. The whole point is to be honest and aware with oneself. Plus, a stoic worth his weight in marble carvings would’ve already assumed sleepless nights and having to attend to a crying baby. That scenario would’ve been what was used for negative visualization in an attempt to prepare their ability to control whatever negative emotions might arise…

A Stoic would approach this with the assumption that life is suffering to begin with. Not to mention they’d recognize the futility of such arbitrary loyalty and self-destructive behavior of being so emotionally attached to a sports game. They’d also recognize their duty is to help their son with the homework which would take precedent over any kind of mindless self indulgence (however welcome it may be). Then there’s the negative visualization going into the game to where it is expected to be “inconvenienced” to the point it is not an inconvenience. They’d recognize how lucky they were to be able to improve the life of their son insofar as he is asking him for help. Not to mention how lucky he is (the Stoic) that he has a son, a television, and the luxury to spend time relaxing watching a game - however, some might be opposed to such a frivolous waste of time :wink:

This is the crux of it. To a Stoic, insofar as I understand it and have interpreted it from what I’ve read, would know that no matter what there is always something to be thankful for - no matter how bad something might seem. They seem to be the ultimate at finding the silver lining. Someone’s going too slow on the high way? You have more time to notice some of the scenery. No scenery but a concrete jungle? Look at the magnificence that is human ingenuity to have built such lasting, marvelous structures. Look at this vehicle that I am traveling in that, no matter how slow traffic is right now, will get me to my destination significantly faster than previously popular modes of personal transportation.

Seneca couldn’t’ve have said it better :slight_smile:


Fair warning: Jeff Cavins is a Catholic presenter. I believe his presentation on this topic is useful to anyone however - other christian denominations for sure, and even secular listeners.


Exercise. I find working out is one of the best ways to relax my body and mind.
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Not whole Europe honestly, as we both saw that there are still people among us that aggressivley keep boasting “We are doing great! It’s much worse somewhere else!” - Progress can never be made by just being happy it’s not worse than what already is, yet, they fail to realize it.

This is so far my best job, some people are really nice and honestly I just have to be there, eventually make some notes and that’s it.

Nice! I’m glad that we think alike :slight_smile:
Too bad there’s not a private message option on this forum xD


No problem. I often listen to Catholic radio in the car.

It’ a bit of a threadjack to dealing with stress, but related.

@ Self Deception and Stoics

A friend of ours was talking about how his 8-year-old recently said, “Dad, you’re always playing games on your phone.” That made him feel a bit offended and defensive, because he works some seriously long hours. So…

He responded by schooling her about all the things he does. “Oh really? I suppose the house is just magically here for us to live in? And your dinner just magically appears? And you snap your fingers and have clothes and toys.” On and on, with a list of about ten things, like he was building a case for the SCOTUS about all the things he does for the family. Imagine working yourself up like that with your little third grader. Later he realized he was ridiculous. He should have responded by just putting down his phone, and saying, “Hey, let’s play a game together.” She was just asking him for his time, but her little comment pricked him because there was some truth in it, which made him defensive. He responded by getting all self-righteous, and going overboard teaching her not to take him for granted.

He just got his cortisol up and made the whole afternoon more stressful for everybody because he was looking to lie to himself about how his little girl just wanted to play with him, and he was trying to justify not giving her his time.

This is what I mean by trying not to lie to ourselves about our motives. I think we humans are very good at twisting things in our heads so we can tell ourselves we’re right.


Electricians can make an excellent living here in the US. My dad was an electrician who worked construction on heavy industrial projects like power plants.

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