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Your Way of Dealing With Stress?


I meant to contribute to the topic at hand in my post above, and forgot to do so while I was writing about alcoholic basketball players and sissy bitches.

I’ve been using kratom for the past few years to help with anxiety, stress, and some pain relief, depending on the strain. It’s a great supplement for those who are into such things.


It sucks for sure on the knees, especially while wearing the 20lb vest.


and there’s the humble brag … think your slick shoe horning it in there, eh?

I’m onto you, sir.


I didn’t mention how heavy MY vest was, haha.

But the 20lb vest is RX for that workout.


For contemplative/meditative purposes I also like, per Dan John’s advice, simple movements - like front squats.

No music, no interruptions, long rest periods, preferably completely alone and at night. Daybreak also works great.

When I’m feeling a little bit down I do pullups/dips - 100 or 150 reps each spread out in alternating sets of 5 with longer rest periods.

No particular purpose but the repetitive motions bring me into a zen like state and the silence helps me formulate strategies to cope with pressing problems.


Same here, wish I could stay to that state of mind though :joy:


I have found wishing a very ineffective strategy personally.


Nobody mentioned the obvious: fix the issue that is stressing you (if possible).


Totally agree, action Uber alles


Sometimes its just that it has to be done and solve a lot of the problem, and what happens is what you mention; nobody can’t see the obvious!


This sounds incredibly stressful.


For me it’s less bad than having 18 unnamed faceless people tasks floating in the back of your head haunting you like ghosts.


I cannot accomplish all of my daily goals, daily. Each passing day is another day behind.


Make it a goal to not accomplish your daily goals.


Another list of goals! :scream:


Can’t wait to hear your point of you on this😁


Yup. For longer time now. It improves your sleep if nothing else. Magnesium and potassium mix work the best in my opinion.


I am not so sure but I think that magnesium also improves testo levels, I don’t know I may be wrong…


It does. Magnesium, Zinc and Calcium are proven to increase testosterone. So it reason more to take it.

It also prevents muscle cramps… Magnesium is really useful mineral.


So I’m def going for it😁