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Your Way of Dealing With Stress?

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I have been on recovery from a major knee injury for the last 8 months. Next person who tell me to just chill and start reading may get beat up with said book.

I am normally a very physical person, now running on granny speed. I can’t seem to get that exhaustion from just upper body workout :frowning:

Me?? Can’t be.

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Who could ever hate @anon50325502?

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I like to roll around in bed with the dogs, with them trying to lick-attack me.

Running also helps, similar to lifting.


Running in such a frequency that won’t affect gains I guess right?

That actually sounds a good idea :confused:

Take a nap, or sit and rationalize whatever it is.

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I found seated good mornings helpful in that regard when recovering from ACL surgery. I had 3 variations I ran

How many KGS lifting we are watching in the video if I may ask?

Problem is when you have made the rationalization, have reached a point and then it all goes back again, if you know what I mean :joy:

Yea that makes sense.

Usually when I rationalize, I find I don’t really need to stress about whatever it is I’m stressing about

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The zercher was 435lbs. The cambered bar was 375 and the SSB was 385.

So whatever that converts to. But more or less kilos doesn’t equate to more or less stress relief. It is more about total effort.

KGs are roughly

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  1. the alcohol thing amused me. Yes, serious athletes drink alcohol. Ron Artest, a former top 10 NBA player, used to drink hard liquor before games and at half time. Kept it in his locker. I’m an elite athlete in my sport. I drink. I would say that it’s safe to say the vast majority of professional athletes in the US drink at least SOME alcohol regularly. Many drink a lot of it.

  2. @anon50325502 YOU SISSY BITCH STOP FOLLOWING ME. Except on instagram. you can keep following me there. BUT NOT HERE SISSY BITCH!

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Phew, thank God! You had me worried for a second.

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Yep, LeBron James is a friggin wino lol.

100 pullups, 200 pushups and 300 bodyweight squats. One after the other or in 10 sets of 10 pullups, 20 pushups and 30 squats.

Preferably somewhere outside and in the evening.

Take as much time as you need.

And lo and behold the stress will be gone.

If that doesn’t work plan B is of course Marcus Aurelius.


You are missing the mile run at the beginning and end, haha.


Normally I despise Crossfit but this workout of theirs is ideal for stress relief, albeit with longer rest periods.

I have tried it with the mile runs but it defeats the contemplative nature of the exercise.

And the runs and the squats were too much for my knees.