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Your Way of Dealing With Stress?

Yeah wow! So glad you mention these Titans!
I also have created a thread two days ago about some kind of books I want some who knows to suggest me, if you want search it and give me some thoughts if you have on the topic, as my fav readings currently are Japan, Samurais and the way we can bring their philosophy in training, bodybuilding etc how fucking cool is that, got some tips from an amazing series of articles in the site!!!
So back to the topic, have read them in the past, in Ancient Greek as I really feel Ancient Greek relieve the stress too so I will go back to them, thank you for the useful reminder!
No no thank you again for writing all these, its not bullshit, actually I believe its very hard, and takes years to reach that levels as you mention too…
Thank you again so much!

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Did I hurt you so much that you constantly search for me dear?? I’m so sorry little sissy (no offense, sissy squats are a fav) :wink:
Ok but Here’s the deal, try it yourself first, and then somehow come and tell if and how it works, then well discuss it again little bitch of mine😂 no offense again but did you actually miss me from the post that came to this just to drop your bullshit? Get a life pls.

Well, of you ask me that’s the problem today’s world is facing…
Can t really focus on the essentials, that’s a reason that anxiety exists and this thread of mine… :joy:

The authors that @polo77j suggested were stoics. I really enjoyed every stoic piece I’ve read. It’s teaching me resilience and self awareness… but it isn’t a quick process.

It’s a mindset and set of practices mostly forgotten in the modern world.

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Music, masturbate, sleep, punch a heavy bag

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Huh? I don’t even know who you are.

No shit! What did you do now? You lil bitch? :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I am soooo sorry! I couldn’t help myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Gee Wilikers, my self-esteem, no!

Honestly, what the fuck kind of reply was that? How will I sleep tonight? It’s hard to sleep when you’re laughing so hard at nonsense.

Well it sounds to me like you pissed in somebody’s Post Toasties!
I thought it was an honest answer.
But we all still love ya anyway :upside_down_face:

It’s all good. I love living rent free in someone’s head.


“Kepp on talkin’ shit, you only makin’ me famous.”



In this order. Workout, meal, sex and then sleep. Works every time for me.

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I know they say alcohol can lower testosterone levels but so can thinking negative thoughts like alcohol can lower testosterone levels.


I’ll repeat what other’s said: physical exhaustion. Gym, weights in garage/basement, sprinting at the end of the day or before it starts.

I just finished staining this 15-year old, never stained/painted fence around my new house (spent about 2 hours in the morning before work and 2 when I got home over the past 2 weeks when it’s f/ing 103+ outside. The tan and incredible sleep alone made it worth it. I also notice I don’t give 2 schitts about petty office problems that normally cause me stress when I’ve been physically working and not necessarily lifting heavy. Having a nice looking fence that will help out our hail claims next year and saving ~7k on a new fence comes in second :wink:

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I can’t say, you can get Magnesium without doctor’s perscription… people here usually take lots of it, I’m often taking lots of it…

You just pee out the excess I’d say, similar like with vitamin C.
so I don’t really see it as something wrong, and also, those are minerals that you lose while you sweat so I think it’s useful to take. But that’s my personal opinion.

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Or punch someone instead haha :joy_cat:

Thank you!
So you consume magnesium without doc’s advice too right ?

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Haha that’s what I like about the US, you have fences around your house etc whole different culture!
So now you do not need solarium, too, count that too!

On what I have my thoughts is whether physical exhaustion helps eventually or not.
I mean when you constantly over-training heavy like I used too, 4-5 hours then you also feel miserable, too, am I wrong ?

I don’t disagree with you, its just I don’t drink, that’s why made this short of question, didn’t mean to sound critical or what :slight_smile:

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For me too most times.
Except if something unplanned comes up, like get the flu so you miss this order then feel “out” :confused: