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Your Way of Dealing With Stress?

How do you deal with stress?
I mean of course we go to the gym (my personal psychiatrist :joy:) buy except that, does it happen to you suddenly to feel fed up with situations, thoughts etc that make you feel soo stressed and what are you doing to confront this?
Is there something that worked for you and you can introduce it to me?
For example I like reading and writing except training but I’m sure there other solutions too!

Weights, masturbation, music, alcohol.


Write down your goals and deliverables every day. That way you know what you MUST accomplish that day to get ahead. Otherwise you end up worrying about a murky pile of unknowns and your brain is scattered 100% of the time. You give your enemy a name so you can go fight it rather than worry about it.

Read The One Thing and the 10x rule for more on this.


I get the three of what you mention but seriously why alcohol? I mean does it work for gains?
I don’t know but my idea of a serious athlete is that he is not choosing alcohol :confused:


lol…I’m not recommending that you or anyone else use alcohol for stress…I’m just being honest.

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I just watch Death Wish 3 again.


I know I don’t criticize just asking you, how you combine them!

Thank you, you know you’re absolutely right and so deep philosophy about naming the enemy as there is an ancient Greek proverbs that claims “The investigation of the meaning of words is the beginning of education” - a brief try of English translation.
Thanks for the tips and where do I find The One Thing and the 10x rule?

Training to complete physical exhaustion usually does the trick for me. Torture Tuesdays at my bjj gym are excellent for this purpose, as are lengthy metabolic conditioning sessions. Something about being in a severe oxygen deficit makes everything else in your life seem way less important.


Well, okay I used to exhaust myself too, but the problem with me is that longterm, this way sometimes I felt depressed and I don’t think this is a solution to that problem…
I think that I must face it with full conscience and smash it for good…

By solving whatever problem is causing me stress.

And drugs.


Hahaha that sounds simple😂

One arm DB bench while fapping with the other arm and drinking from a camelbak with headphones in? 0 stress.

You also forgot sex and weed, unless you don’t have sex and don’t smoke weed.

Also, on a more serious note, my kids can be the cause of all stress in my life and then take it away immediately by doing something sweet or impressing me with something.


I didn’t like feeling stressed, so I stopped.


I do these:

  1. Sex if possible
  2. Mastrubation
  3. Maybe a beer (never over 1)
  4. Relaxing music
  5. Hanging out with my dog or cat or both
  6. Meeting with some of my female friends to whine about my problems to them
  7. Texting in group chat with few girls and whining about my problems there if I can’t meet them
  8. Stuff like magnesium, potassium, lavender smell or camomile tea… and then I fall asleep, sometimes really early or even still at daytime
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Read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. Read The Enchridion by Epictetus.

Learn to recognize where the source of external stress is, how it affects you and why it affects you the way it does and work on mental strategies that minimize their ability to control yourself - essentially maintaining self control and conquering your self.

Sounds like some self help bullshit, but it’s worked well for me over that last few years.

Keep in mind, what ever strategy you DO adopt, it takes time and effort to implement in any meaningful way. It’ll take mindfulness initially and the goal is to train yourself so that these adopted stress management strategies become second nature and take less effort to recall and employ in any given situation. Negative mental imaging helps, which are strategies suggested in these books by these men.


Not at all. That is quite good actually. Some therapists will teach you same stuff.

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Thanks - knowing how I used to think if i read what I wrote (given it’s brevity) I would’ve just thought it was some self help mumbo jumbo and moved along - that qualifier was more for the young me’s out there really.

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Bottle it up inside you until you explode. Works wonders.


Hahahahaha been there done most of what you mention,
Also I’m about to start magnesium, but without doc’s prescription, do you think is wrong should I check it first or just go on ?

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