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Your Wake Up and Bed Time Weight?


Ive been going to bed 197-200 and waking up between 190-195 for the past week. I'm 5'11.
What about you?

I trust the ass shot is an acceptable offering?
edit: Sorry, but this forum gets the most action.


Definitely SAMA related.


it might be if the difference in weight is related to fapping...


I'm usually about 6lbs lighter after fapping.


Obviously the weight fairies are sneaking in during the night and stealing your jobbies.


When I weighed myself religiously I would wake up something like 5lbs lighter as well. I recall reading somewhere that this occurrence is due to sweat. You sweat out body weight at that rate at all times but when your sleeping your not eating or drinking to replenish this weight loss.


i vary from 181 to 190

dump usually at 1 or 2


You should cut back on your bannana intake by an 1/8th.


About tree fiddy.


I never weighed myself morning/night, but I do notice when I wake up I can almost see the top two abs and some of the obliques.
By 9AM they're gone.


191 or so at bed... 187-189 morning depending how many times i woke up to pee and how long i slept


6'2" and fluctuate around the 225 mark. Like others said, I get a little lighter overnight.