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Your Very Best News Peeps...

… With truth and integrity, not bought and paid for, etc.
There are still a few around, not many… I’ll begin with
Ben Swann.

Well HoustonGuy, I’m surprised at your choice. I would have thought you’d be more into local favorite, Sarah Tressler.

I will be flamed until the end of time (I KNOW) I get my news from NPR :slight_smile:

Naw I won’t flame you ‘pitt’, I kinda like ya…people accused me of being YOU under
another name the other day, now I’m being accused of being ‘HoustonGuy’ haha…oh well, I can’t wait
to meet him too, 'sounds like a smart and sexy individual as well.
Maybe we can be the Three Musketeers of T-Nation soon.