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Your Velocity Results


Hey all, Just started the V-Diet as the final month of my 16-week cutting phase. Just trying to stay on track here with your help.

For those who have been on the diet for the full 4 weeks, what kind of results did you see? Shugart lost 14 pounds I believe and that would be fantastic in my situation. Did anyone/everyone have similar results? Were you blown away by its effectiveness?

Coming off of the diet: If you didn't come off as cleanly as you should have, was it apparent in your physique?

So far it's pretty easy...but i'm only done with day number 2! I have a good plan for coming off the diet and have good psychological motivation, so staying on shouldnt be a problem. Thanks for the info in advance.


I followed the diet as closely as possible. Missed only 1 day of walking and snuck a few bits of real food twice besides the real meals on the weekends. Did the workouts exactly as he had layed them out. Lost 18lbs, looked and felt great at the end. Aslo came off as clean as possible. I again followed Chris' plan as close as possible. Finished at the end of Oct. and up until Christmas I had only put 3lbs back on.



You can read about my whole experience here. I can tell you that if I do the diet again it will be MUCH easier doing it back in the civilian world! No missions to plan around ect. You are an experienced lifter so you should have the will power for it. All it takes is making sure you are always prepared and have the will power. I would suggest always having 2-3 shaked premade and waiting so you can always grab some on the go if needed!!!

When I came off the diet I went straight from Metabolic Drive to M.R.E.'s for the first few days due to my missions and I only gained back 2 lbs in the first month off of it. I just ate a normal T-Nation sytle diet after words. It has been a few months and I am still around 168 or so with about %12 bf. I have been adding lbm pretty good and keeping the fat off. So the weight stays off as long as you eat like you should afterwards! Good Luck to you and you should post some before and after for us all! They will also keep you motivated through the diet, it is amazing to see how much your body can change in a month!!! Good Luck!


Wow, Nice results guys. Thanks for the info. I'm 5'10 and trying to get to a ripped 170-175 right now. I just went from a bony ass 155 to a semi-chubby 210 or so in around a year. After 2/12 months on a solid cutting diet (from 210 to 188) I am in the final stretch.

Final goals : I now carry 160 pounds of LBM, I hope to eventually carry 185 - 190 at 8% - 10% body fat which would put me at a total weight of 205 or so. I am 21 now and that is my 3 year goal. I hope to be 90% of the way there by the time I turn 23.


quick question: i am interested in starting this diet. what would you guys think about eating tuna? it has 0 carbs, and i thought it would be a good source for healthy fats. but i havent tried this diet yet, so let me know what you guys think. thanks!


I think this would be a good addition.



I did the V-diet through the holidays. I thought it was absolutly brutal. However, I did lose 12 pounds and for that I am thankful. I do think that for a quick fix it is good but I would be hesitant to do it again. I just love my food. The T DAWG diet is more up my alley when it comes ot fat loss.