Your Upcoming Steroid Cycle

I’ve been reading the antisteroid rant and it’s begining to bug me. I decided it would be nice to get off that topic and let the users of this forum talk about their next cycle or the cycle they are currently on.

Feel free to state anything you want with regards to the topic. For example, if you are adding a new steroid to your arsenal, let us know and others may share their wisdom and knowledge.

Myself, I’ll be running Test E for four months, and adding some Tren E and what little Masteron I have left. I will be using clen, ECA, and insulin. This will be my first go with clen, as well as insulin(while dieting).

Later on I may pick up a few other products to add. One being Melanotan, and the other a little dbol for the last few weeks. The Dbol is just for kicks (the insane, useless and self-defeating pumps).

I’m currently sitting at a smidgen above 8% bf and will be shooting towards the lower end of the spectrum. I have a few friends competing this summer and would love to look impressive standing next to them.

I’ll see if I can get some striations in my glutes, this will be good practice before (and if) I ever do decide to step on stage. I will be dieting for aproximately the first 2/3rds of my time on and the other 1/3rd I will be putting on some lean mass.

Now it’s your turn.

250mg test e e3d
175mg tren e e3d
200mg eq e3d
50mg winnie ed
1800mg glucophage ed
T-3 25-150mcg ed
adex .25 mg ed
dostinex .5 mg e4d
hcg 250iu e4d

All of the above for 20 weeks
Prop and mast taper(8 weeks) with a little halo at the end,thinking of throwing in some hgh as well.
will start this in 2 weeks

Currently cutting:

1000mgs of test enanthate a week.
400mgs of tren acetate a week.
100mgs of oral winstrol per day.

I always keep a stash of Nolva for emergencies, but prefer not to use anything of the sort unless absolutely needed. I have no set time frame for the cycle. I’ll run that until I feel like I’m where I want to be. Then I’ll take a short break and go in to a bulker. Buuuut, I’m stupid and don’t recommend that to anyone else.

Week 1-2 Test P 100 mg per day
Week 1-8 Tren Ace 100 mg per day
Week 1-14 Test E 750 mg per week
Week 1-14 EQ 750 mg week

I’m into the second week and can really feel the prop/tren now.

Using Letro everyday as AI
Will try Toremifene this go around after.


Wow, you guys are on some serious shit! Right now I’m doing test-e 150 mg eod. I can’t even imagine running the cycles you guys are doing. Someday maybe…

Thinking of starting in June

Weeks 1-10 EQ @ 150mg EOD
Weeks 1-6 Tbol @ 40mg ED
Weeks 2-16 Selegiline @ 5mg ED
Weeks 10-14 Proviron @ 25mg ED
Weeks 12-14 HCG 1000iu EOD
Weeks 14-16 Arimidex 0.5mg ED
Weeks 14-16 Nolva 20mg ED

Current: Test E 250 week
Sust 250 week
D-bol 20mgs off day/30 on.
Next: Deca 300 mgs/week
EQ 300 mgs/wk
Test Cyp 300 mgs/week
Nothing serious, but my training has been hampered by major injuries that I have to work around. Plus I can’t afford HUGE doses, and don’t have time to play with making my own. I have fun though! Good thread, f*** that bashing shit

weeks 1-3 200mg test prop eod along with insulin
weeks 4-7 40-20mg nolvadex ed 500iu hcg e3d
weeks 8-11 200mg test prop eod along with insulin
weeks 12-15 40-20mg nolvadex ed 500iu hcg e3d

wanted to do it all at once but will be traveling and wont consistently make it to gym in weeks 4-7

I actually took my final shot of cyp on Tuesday. It was the end of my Test C 750 a week and Deca 450 a week I started the second week of Feb. I’ll PCT for the next month or so starting next weekend.

My next cycle will likely be my first serious Tren run. I’m sure I’ll start with 50mg of Ace but would like to be able to work up to 75mg perhaps even 100mg ED. As always I’ll run Enantahte or Cyp at 750-900mg a week.

Currently at the end of week 2 of 12:

Test Cyp: 700mg Wk
Tren En: 400mg Wk
Dbol: 40mg day for 3 wks

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
250mg/wk of test enan.
50mg/wk masteron enan.
30mcg ED IGF1.

I’ll run this for another few weeks, until exams are done with and then I may start a ‘serious’ cycle.

I’m torn between 3 week intense cycles in the range of 2500mg/wk, with 4 weeks off.

Alternatively, I may run 800mg/wk test enan, with 400mg/wk tren enan for however long (14 weeks or so).

The second option looks more appealing simply because it looks like I may have job as a naked butler/topless barman for ladies nights and hen nights, etc, and I don’t want lumpy, bumpy glutes, lol.


What kind of esters are you going to use in the uber high dosage intense cycle?

Currently in week 3 of…

Test Enan 1400 mg/wk
Masteron Enan 400 mg/wk

Homebrewed blend of 350 mg test and 100 mg mast per ml

weeks 4-7 will be 40 mg D-bol ED
weeks 11-18 will be var 40 mg ED

cycle length will be 20 weeks, followed by an 8 week taper, with SERM application during the final 2 weeks of the taper and extending 2 weeks past the end of the taper…so cycle+taper+psuedo PCT = 30 weeks total.

juice -

Did you use any EO in your brew?

If so PM me.

This is just as much a question as a statement. I’ve been researching and think I have a good bulking cycle for winter, but before I buy the rest of my shit I want the experts opinion. I’m 6’2 230lb and app 12%bf. I’ve been lifting for 10 years and this is not my first cycle.

Everytime I read these posts I learn something new so there could still be some room for improvement. Any feedback, good or bad is welcome.

Week 1-10 Test E 750mg/week
Week 1-10 Tren E 100mg/eod
Week 1-6 Dbol 30-50mg/day
Week 2-8 proviron 25mg/day

Week 12-15 Nolv 30mg/day
Week 12-15 HCG 5000i.u./week
Week 12-15 Clomid 100-50mg/day

Was thinking of this cycle starting in a week or two if everything is kosher. Any suggestions/comments? Just looking to put on like 10lbs+/- lean mass and increase strength. Cool thread btw.

Week 1-6 Tbol 40mg/day
Week 1-6 Var 40mg/day
Week 7 Nolva 30mg/day
Week 8 Nolva 20mg/day
Week 9 Nolva 10mg/day


Starting in two weeks:

Prop at 60mg+/day
Dbol at 40mg/day
Tren at 50mg/day
Mast at 50mg/day

Cutter cycle before my vacation. Not sure about the Dbol, but I love to use it when in starvation mode, but the doses are going to be played with, might just use 20mg/day and up the Prop a little. Also I dropped my Masteron dose from 420 to 280 last cycle when I added tren because the hardness and pumps were just too much, thinking I’ll do 350 this time.

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