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Alright, so there’s one thing that I hear preached here all the time, that applies to people wanting to get big. “You gotta get more calories”. I personally thought that I ate enough, but after a closer look, I found out I could do better, Alot better. I was reading a ton of forum convo’s on this site and I came across a guy that ate 10,555 calories a day, that’s impressive.

I was in a way inspired, because as I was reading the log it didn’t seem like alot when I was reading it, but I guess it all adds up. Now I know this the question “how do I get big”, which leads to other questions gets asked all the time. And through some simple research I found a couple good answers, for instance coconut milk has about 850 calories in it. If you mix half that with a protein shake,and some milk, that’s a decent amount of calories, and protein.

But to get to the point, instead of doing hours of research, I just ask the people. What are your tricks? Any other high calorie healthy foods, or things you can add to your meals or shakes? I figure this will save me some time, and some useless questions

I eat 12+ bananas a day. 2 per meal. That’s an extra 972 to 1212 calories depending on the size of the bananas.

3 tablespoons of extra virgin oil = 360 calories
3 tablesppons of virgin coconut oil = 360 calories
10 grams fish oil = 100 calories

I also like to add a tablespoon of peanut butter here and there. Each spoon is 120 calories.

I don’t even feel like I’m eating these extra calories.

For me its all about the natural peaanut butter I go thru a jar every 4 days I love the stuff I put it on everything and in everything the jar is 750g and @ 90 calories per 15 gram serving it works out to me getting around 1125 calories a day from peanut butter give or take! EASY CALORIES AND DELICIOUS CALORIES!


i dont really have tips. i eat quite a bit of olive oil with my meat or tuna… lets face it you cant eat more than 2 cans without feeling like puking.

overall i think that gets me 500 cals or so

about 100 grams of nuts thats another 500 cals

a gallon milk of milk that i drink during the whole day through since im always thirsty especialyl now that teh weather gets hotter, thats 1500 cals.

adding up thats already 2500

add a lot of meat and tuna and you have about 1500 more cals

add 3-4 fruits, and the carbs stuff, preferably whole wheat and that makes you reach over 5000 easily.

basically just eat a lot, it will boost your metabolism liek crazy and then you wont find it hard to eat… you’ll find it hard not to eat.

a kg of meat when i was cutting would leave my stomach full almost ready to puke

now im still hungry even if i eat that much.

and btw if you are gonna eat more cals than 500-1000cals surplus during bulking, they better be protein. no point eating french fries or something like that

a gallon milk of milk… ahahah why is my english always the worst on T-Nation?..

olive oil
peanut butter

That’s the gist of it. I personally don’t think you need to eat that many calories (10K), but what do I know. I gain weight by eating a banana.

[quote]lordstorm88 wrote:
a gallon milk of milk… ahahah why is my english always the worst on T-Nation?..[/quote]

Actually, I think Chang_Lee has you beat.

corned beef hash
weight gain shakes
peanut butter

I plan to buy some coconut milk and add it to my shakes. That stuff is pretty high in calories.

Also, don’t be afraid to eat some shit sometimes. Eat a bowl of ice cream, etc…just don’t overdo it.

Burritos. It is very hard for me to gain muscle, Even when I do, it takes a good 10 pounds before I visibly look any different. A big burrito from any number of the local burrito spots is anywhere between 800-1200 calories.

Two of those a day on top of my oats, peanut butter sandwiches, milk and protein shakes gets me to ~4500-5000 pretty easily.

Another trick is to make a big pot of chili, a big pot of beans(or lentils, or black eyed peas) a big pot of rice, a big pot of quinoa…etc.

Not necessarily all at once, but if you make a big pot of one of these calorically dense foods. Then Have a bowl or two whenever you feel like a snack.

Chili is my favorite, because if I make a good chili I never want to stop eating it. Also, it is pretty easy to make a pretty healthy chili.

Tuna is calorie-dense and really healthy.

Eat meals OFTEN (every 2 hours) and be snacking continuously. I just keep a bag of nuts with me at all times, and as often as possible go for a handful. Or else, a healthy trail mix. Or else, some fruit or cut up veggies. Or some cheese (I’m lactose intolerant, but I wish I could use cheese for the easy cals/protein).

If you have one extra glass of milk (soy milk for me due to my milk allergy) and a small amount of tuna on top of what you feel like you can eat/drink at every meal, you’ll have added a bunch of easy calories over the course of the day.

Popping peanut butter and eggs (separately, for god’s sake) doesn’t hurt either!


malevolence you down in southern california/carlsbad area? cuz there are some damn good taco shops down there