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Your Training/Supplements

I am curious to hear what others are doing to gain lean mass and lose fat. Personally, I only have time to train 3 days a week, so I will usually train all or almost all bodyparts every workout. But, I only do 2-3 sets per bodypart. I try to lift heavy and strict. Supplements include MRP’s in the morning, protein twice a day, and creatine and glutamine after working out. Let me know what you do, or what you feel would be ideal.

you must work out three days and three days running to get the lean look,took me a while to get it right/take only saturday off

Currently only use an MRP on a daily basis and Surge post-workout along with a multi vitamin, vitamin C, vitamin E and fish oil caps. Along with the above, I eat a variety of food including meat (chicken, beef, fish), fruits and vegetables, dairy (cottage cheese and yogurt) and occasionally rice and pasta.

Use mag 10, twice a day protocol.

It’ll put on the weight.

Not using any supplements as such at this point in time. Just a multi-vitamin and Vitamin C - my staples really.

Why do u guys take multivit AND Vit C?
The multivit does not give enough Vit c?
Wondering if I should do the same…

In short, its because weight training athletes need more Vitamin C than the average individual.

Few, if any multivitamins (unless it’s a vita-pak or something) will give you anywhere near adequate C. I try to take a 500 mg. tab w. every meal, especially when dieting and during the cold/flu season. It isn’t gonna make you gain 10 lbs. of muscle in 4 weeks but it is pretty much a very underrated supplement for athletes/trainers in terms of recovery, immune system, etc.